Procida: Why You Should Visit

The region of Campania, located in Southern Italy, is exploding with culture, history, and delicious cuisine. That’s why it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It offers a wide variety of captivating cities and stunning views.

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Not far off the coast of Naples is a series of islands known as the Phlegraean Islands that includes some well-known islands such as Capri and Ischia. Within this family of islands is Procida, home to a delightful fishing town that will capture your heart with its multi-colored pastel buildings that line the shore overlooking the sea. A picturesque oasis that you can get to by ferry from Napoli or Ischia.

Procida was created by volcanic eruptions going back centuries and has been used in famous films like The Talented Mr. Ripley and the Italian classic, Il Postino.

This year it was awarded the title of Italian Capital of Culture for 2022 by the Italian Ministry of Tourism. Procida finds itself in some good company. Parma won the title in 2020 but, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the title was extended through 2021. Before that, Matera in Basilicata held the title in 2019.

If you plan a trip to Campania, you really should consider a trip to Procida. Here are a couple of things you won’t want to miss on a visit to this lovely island destination.

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Visit Terra Murata

Located at the highest point of the island is an ancient hamlet known as Terra Murata. The name comes from the walls which surround the ancient village. They were built in the 15th century to defend the inhabitants against invasions. If you look closely at the buildings, you’ll notice they are all built close together with no space between them. This method of construction was done on purpose, to create a barrier for the town. As a result, you can wander the hamlet and admire all its tight alleyways and charming corners.

Within the town is the 15th-century Palazzo D’Avalos, built by the D’Avalos family who ruled until the 17th Century. It was converted into a prison in the 1800s and eventually closed in 1988. You’ll also find the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo which is dedicated to the patron saint of Procida.

For the best view looking down on the picturesque Corricella Marina, head to the lookout point on Salito Castello near the Museo dei Misteri. From here, you can take the steps down to Corricella.

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Admire the Corricella Port

Corricella and its Marina is the oldest fishing village of Procida dating to the 17th-century. The unique atmosphere of this district is a real treat for those who enjoy people-watching. You’ll get an authentic feel for this fishing district with fishing boats bobbing on the water, nets sprawled along the dock, and the incredible view of the town above. The pastel-colored buildings are like something out of a painting. It’s impossible not to notice the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie with its pretty yellow walls and beautiful cupola springing out of the town’s landscape. The Baroque-style Sanctuary was built in 1679. If you choose to visit the Sanctuary, you’ll find 18th-century stuccoes, floral designs and a canvas of Santa Maria delle Grazie embellished with silver and gold.

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Enjoy The Sun

Being an island you can bet there are some wonderful beaches you can choose from to spend the day at swimming, sunbathing, and taking in that refreshing sea air. For the best beach experience, we recommend heading to the western side of the island.

Pozzo Vecchio Beach is a small horseshoe-shaped bay that offers dark sand and shallow warm waters. It is on this beach that the protagonists of Il Postino meet for the first time and fall in love. This is a popular beach in the high season due to its rugged beauty and long sun exposure. Thanks to its location, it is quite common to swim in these waters as late as October, and even November! There is also a small beach bar where you can rent an umbrella or buy refreshments.

Another lovely beach worth checking out is the Chiaiolella Beach that has the longest shoreline on the island. This beach also has shallow warm waters that are perfect for families with young children. The beach is characterized by two large rocks that fell during a landslide from the cliff above. You can enjoy a spectacular view of neighboring islands: Vivara and Ischia.

If you are interested in planning a trip to Campania and would like more info about Procida and other beautiful destinations, please contact us for more information!