Moore n’ more about People, Places and Things

Those of you from the major metropolis of Kountze might have heard this headline before …

“Moore n’ more about People, Places and Things”

by Buddy Moore

“Moore n’ more” was my dear ole Dad’s legendary headline column. He wrote it over a thousand times and mentioned tens of thousands of people, places and things that were important to his readers.

With the support of my mother and sister, I’d like to continue his column by bringing it to you … right here on My Bella Vita. Starting today, “Moore n’ more” will be published every second Friday of the month, ’til we run out of people, places or things to talk about. And I suspect that’ll take awhile.

To kick things off, I’m going to answer some questions. Stellina emailed me a few weeks ago and wanted to know what the heck was up with the PdP. Don’t you remember her? The PdP was our Polish neighbor who stole my dog, tried to steal my husband and repeatedly insulted my Americainzed Italian in public. Well, she eventually got evicted, leaving Viale Isonzo and yours truly, PdP’less.

Carole D. has mentioned how she loves stories about my father-in-law, that carne-cookin’, pasta-boilin’ scrooge who whips up three-course meals and gets grumpy when all plates aren’t wiped clean. Well, Carole D, il suocero is just fine. He’s still cooking and I’m not still eating-not enough for him, anyway. But I found a way to put a stop to those comments. From now on, when he says, “Tu mangi poco,” or “you eat so little,” I respond with a heartfelt “Ahhh, grazie!” After the first two of three times … he got the message. He certainly doesn’t want to encourage me not to eat.

Secrets from My Tuscan Kitchen, Judy Witts

Speaking of eating, Judy Witts, Tuscan-chef extraordinaire and long-time Italy-based expat has published her first cookbook, Secrets from My Tuscan Kitchen. The handwritten recipes and blank note pages make a perfect addition to any Italofile’s collection … and the dishes? Well, let’s just say her husband isn’t the only Italian husband who approves.

Another new book has hit the shelves and this one, too, gets our stamp of approval. Traveller’s Calabria, the first and only English-language guidebook dedicated entirely to Calabria, has hit the shelves and I can’t wait to see it. Lara Dunston and her globe-trottin’, camera-toting hubby, Terry Carter, have visited more than 60 countries around the world and I’m happy to report they’ve included our bed and breakfast in catanzaro as a recommended place to stay in Calabria.

In other travel news, two of my favorite American-based Italy bloggers are heading to the Bel Paese. Robin, my Travel Tip Tuesday counterpart, is set for her two-week stint in the Eternal City, while Jessica of Why Go Italy is busy planning her month-long hiatus. I’d like to wish them both safe travels.

And I’d like to wish you, un buon weekend!

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  1. OMG!! I forgot about the PdP and I was thinking about Sophia Lauren the other day because I was looking through old emails for your phone number, and saw some pics you had sent.
    Ha!! You know who I am talking about… you met her, too. Grrr…
    andrea’s last blog post..Shoes, Check!

  2. Imani

    How sweet of you to honor your father this way…you’re off to a great start. What an interesting title and concept he had.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Wow – I remember the PdP and SOphia Loren.

    I love the idea of your column to honor your dad. That’s wonderful 🙂

    PS – come check out the giveaway I am having 🙂
    I signed up for your giveway! I’d love that!! And thanks for the comment. PdP and Sophia seem SOOO long ago!
    City Girl’s last blog post..Subscription Giveaway for ALL YOU Magazine

  4. Stellina

    I didn’t know pdp was polish…for some reason I thought she was Italian…
    Yep. And here is the secret (the d and 2nd P stand for da Poland!)

  5. Marmie

    I am glad that you are doing that. I know that
    your dad would be so proud. Just be careful…
    you NEVER know which topic will set your readers
    Love ya,
    Yea, didn’t something about eating biscuits and gravy get all Dad’s readers in a tizzy?

  6. Carole D

    thanks for thinking of me and tanti auguri for outsmarting your suocero gentilmente. I agree, what a beautiful way to honor your father! I’m looking forward to reading more.
    Thanks, Carole!

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