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I don’t know what it is, but there is something about summer that kicks me in the rear and makes me re-commit to my annual goals. Maybe it is because the year is more than half gone? Or maybe it is those moonlit walks along Calabria’s beaches? Or maybe it is because I have a little more time and can finally start knocking some of those nagging to-do’s off my list.

Well, if that is the case, I have no one to thank but self-proclaimed geek, Sara Rosso, aka, Ms. Adventures in Italy whose tech-based blog When I Have Time helps newbie site owners like myself go from meek to geek. The site is a collection of tips and tricks for maneuvering the digital world, but I can’t help but wonder, Sara, with all of the other things you have going on … when do you have time?

Speaking of finding time for work, I recently joined a group of expat bloggers where we share expat experiences and offer advice to would-be expats. In fact, I have a post today about making foreign friends. But this isn’t about me. Another writer caught my attention this week when she blogged about a little-known device called the F.U.D.

According to Julia Evans at Evans’ Gate, ladies no longer have to sit, squat or sprawl to do their business. Thanks to Sani Fem’s Freshette, women on the go can well, go-whenever the mood strikes. And who said men and women were different?

Freshette, by Sani Fem

Are you interested in going, but would rather have a real live hotel and accompanying toilet, to boot? Well, if you are heading to the boot, you are in luck. Casa Dolcetto recently listed 20 websites to help you track down Italy’s best hotels and B&Bs. Of course … warning: shameless plug ahead … if you are heading to Calabria, just go here.

So, how would you feel if you went out for a routine dive in Calabria and discovered a hidden city? That is what happened to Alessandro Ciliberto last month when the amateur diver/architect went diving off of the coast of Squillace, located just 15 minutes from yours truly. Squillace officials believe the ruins are from the ancient Greek colony, Scylletium, that was thought to have been founded by Ulysses

Ancient Scolacium at Roccelletta, Calabria near Catanzaro

If you happen to go visit the ruins of Scylletium at Roccelletta, swing by Marrons Glacès Gelateria in Catanzaro Lido. Their nocciola (hazelnut) gelato won first place this year in an international competition, and as this headline says “The Best Nocciola Gelato Speaks Calabrese …”

If you are in Italy this weekend, I wish you a safe and happy Ferragosto and to everyone else … buon weekend!

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  1. carol

    nocciola is my absolute favorite!!!! I’m soooo sorry not to have been able to make it to Catanzaro last month. Just got all caught up in
    *Too much Calabrian Family* heeheee.

    Oh no, is your trip over? 🙁 I thought it was September for some reason. Bummer!

  2. Obviously I really don’t have any time – this post slipped between my own to-do list items (and it was very close to Ferragosto!) 🙂 Sorry! Thank you for the shout-out – I hope it’s actually helpful. I don’t have lofty goals for the site – I’m glad it’s at least doubling the audience for the original email replies I have been sending for so long, from 1 to 2…or 3 🙂

    No worries, Sara. I hope you got to enjoy Ferragosto… we were working. 🙁

    .-= Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy´s last blog ..Ask the Geek: How Should I Monetize my Website? Advertising And Understanding Website Conversions =-.

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