Mom Knows Best – Even from 8,000 Miles Away

With all of the recent election hoopla in the US, many bloggers posted opinions, regurgitated newsfeeds and reminded readers to get out the vote.

And apparently it worked.

I posed the question last week as to whether or not citizens living abroad should influence a national election. And I enjoyed reading the comments and emails regarding the question, as well.

Instead of boring readers with a photo-less blog post or digging through my bags for the picture sticker of my own little yellow dog, I borrowed photos from Photodropper, the WordPress plugin that shares free top-notch photos with the blogosphere.

That was just an example.

Thinking I would share the love in last week’s post, I highlighted a photo of an elephant and a donkey.

Well … last night I got in trouble.

I called my mom and she jumped right in.

“Your sister showed me your website!” Uhm …. why does she sound pissed?

“Ok.” I answered nervously.

“I can’t believe you posted that picture!”

“Which one?” I’m utterly confused now.

“The one with the elephant and the donkey!”

“Well, I was just being bipartisan, Mom.” That must be why she’s mad!!

“You need to look at that picture again!”

So, I did.

Little did I know the donkey actually had the elephant in a compromising position. I wondered aloud what that extra red thing was sticking out.

“You need to go back to anatomy, Cherrye.” Is all she would say.

She made me remove the offending image with the promise I would look more carefully in the future before posting unapproved photos.

So I called my sister … “TATTLETALE!”

The morale of the story is:

No matter how old you are – no matter how far you go … your mother can still tell you what to do!

Buona Domenica!

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  1. I didn’t see it either, and I’ve been a mom for many decades.
    Thanks, Judith. I think my sister noticed it pointed it out to my mom. It is one of those things like once you see it, you wondered how you missed it!

  2. Cherrye,

    You have me peeing my pants over here. How embarrassing. For you and those poor animals, just trying to have a little alone time πŸ™‚

    Funny stuff!!
    I try, Robin! To be funny, that is …

  3. That is too funny… Moms will be moms, now just imagine my Italian mother..probably ten times more magnified in trying to tell me what to do..But I love her.
    I know, right?? I tried to tell her it was “ok” that we all adults… NO GO! I had to remove picture or be banned from Christmas Dinner. LOL Nah, she didn’t really say that!

  4. Charlee

    TATTLETALE here… Let me just say that when I showed her I was laughing because I knew that there was no way you knew what you had posted.. I am the bad daughter remember πŸ™‚ Not to mention the comment Michelle made flew right past you LOL!
    I know … I know… some things never change! lol

  5. Such a great story, made me laugh out loud πŸ™‚ I didn’t get to see the photo, but had a good idea what was going on…Mums will be my boys tell me.. πŸ™‚
    Apparently so, Anne… Glad you got a laugh out of it!

  6. John the Pirate - Arrr!

    Good post, I like your writing style! I’ve added to my feed reader, and will be reading your posts from now on. Just a quick question – did you design your header image yourself, or have it done professionally? If you had it done by a professional, who was it?
    Hi John. Argh. I did it myself but if you are looking for a professional, check out She is a graphics designer!

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