MBV is Goin’ to Texas … So Come Here and Blog!

That’s right.

After weeks of ticket searching, airline scouting and heavy duty praying the search has ended. I found a ticket and I didn’t even have to mortgage my house to get it … and I still get to keep my first born child, too.

As anyone who is planning a summer vacation has realized, airline tickets are absolutely astronomical. Insane. Out of this world.

I began this airline ticket search as I always do, with quick hits on Orbitz and Cheaptickets. I made my rounds over and over … yet prices were always the same – HIGH. Eurofly had the best rates and offers direct flights from Lamezia Terme to New York City’s JFK airport for around 800 euros ($1,200.00).

“I could fly to NYC, transfer airports and fly on Southwest to Houston,” I thought. “I’ve ALWAYS wanted to spend the night in an airport or struggle to find an affordable NYC hotel!”

“I could take the train to Naples, transfer to the airport, and fly from there,” was another of the desperately seeking affordable flight ideas that drifted through my mind.

But in the end Lufthansa and United came through for me and offered the exact same flight I took last September for around 750 euros. I sucked that baby up like a sweet tooth after a cavity.

The deciding factor in snagging said deal revolved 100% around my willingness to change my dates a bit. I’d also like to mention that I originally found this bargain on Cheaptickets, where they insisted I pay an extra $45 for paper tickets because they said e-tickets weren’t an option. I quickly checked Orbitz and found the same flight, with an e-ticket, for $100 less.

Go Orbitz!

So what does this upcoming vacay mean for My Bella Vita? Well, a few things.

1) Plans were already in the works to cut back a bit during high season, which runs June 15-September 15. So, beginning the week of June 15, I’ll have new posts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week. Yes … Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays spreads it out a little better, but where would My Bella Vita be without Travel Tip Tuesdays and Love Thursdays?


2) It means I need your help! For the first time ever your always-trying-to-limit-her-control-freaking-ways host will relinquish the power. Yep. This is an official plea call for guest bloggers to step out of the comments, swing over from your blogs or just help a sister out. Anyone who is interested in being a guest blogger here at My Bella Vita can contact me here. You can write about anything you want. If you want to write about travel, we will feature it on Travel Tip Tuesday, if you want to talk about L-O-V-E, we’ll post on a Thursday, if you want to write about why your cat looks pretty in pink or what the weather is like in Cincinnati, well you can do that, too!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. joanne at frutto della passione

    I have an idea that I would love to send. I’ll email you soon about it and HURRAY for going back to Texas. We’re going home this summer too! Can’t wait!

  2. Leslie

    Hey Cherrye, Glad to hear you are coming back to Texas! Maybe we can have lunch sometime while you are in town. How long are down for?

  3. I hope you aren’t hitting Texas right at the hottest possible time of the year!! Our melting temp. lol :o)

    Glad you got a ticket!!

  4. Yea, Joanne! I cant wait!

    You ARE on the list, Britni! Thanks.

    Leslie, I sent you an email … did you get it?

    Sounds good, Geggie. Grazie.

    I am, RHEA! Can you believe it?? I hope some big ole hurricane doesnt come through and blow me back to Italy!

  5. Hey Cherrye! If you trust me (as a new blogger) not to screw things up too bad, I’ll take a slot or two. Let me know what I should expect. And if you are near Houston, give me a shout. I’m here when I’m not somewhere else… 🙂 Amy

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