There has been quite a discussion since last week when I learned Italian Catholics buy their leaves for Palm Sunday. Well, at Mass it was the funniest thing…people had big, full olive leaf branches, woven palm leaves into neat shapes, combination palm and olive leaves, the list goes on and on…

And Peppe was right, as promised, there was a vendor outside the church building selling these various assortments.
While there were no mini chocolate Easter eggs glued into the top (yes, I DID see this), I think I did alright…

That was a worth a Euro, don’t you think?
Happy Love Thursday, everyone!
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  1. Giulia

    Now that’s the kind of palm I am used to seeing! I am still trying to get used to olive branches. Very pretty. đŸ™‚

  2. Bongga Mom

    People sell palms like that all over the Philippines too. Seeing your photo brought back a lot of memories!

  3. j

    Well, in my church the palms are passed out in the beginning of mass then everyone sits around weaving them. Sometimes there are very elaborate and creative creations depending on how boring the homily is.

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