Legend of Cilla in San Lucido

San Lucido is a small seaside village in the Province of Cosenza. It’s a town deeply rooted in fishing traditions and its past comes with the harsh realities that come with unpredictable seas and life as a fisherman.

There are many myths, legends and stories tied to the sea – most of which are sad and tragic. In San Lucido, the story of Cilla has been passed down from generation to generation.

On the lungomare, overlooking the crystal blue seas of San Lucido, is the haunting statue depicting Cilla and her tragic story. The statue, which brings this legend to life and beautifully expresses the pain and despair of this young woman, was created by Salvatore Plastina, an artist hailing from Fuscaldo.

As the story goes, Cilla is a sweet, generous and beautiful girl hailing from San Lucido and daughter of a fisherman. She falls in love with a young sailor named Tuturo. Choosing love and ignoring the difficulties and risks of being with a man whose job involved venturing out into the erratic waters of the sea, she decided to marry this young sailor.

Late one night, Tuturo set off on a fishing trip and never returned. Cilla waited and waited for her beloved on the cliffs hoping desperately that he would return. The realization that her loved one was lost at sea drove Cilla to throw herself off the cliffs into the sea – a final attempt to find and be with her husband once again.

It is said that during the stormy nights, you can hear the desperate cries of Cilla from the seas as she continues to call out for her love to return home.

Image Credit: Alfonso Minervino, Rollopack