Shaking Your Groove Thing … Italian Style

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Most people who read this blog wouldn’t mind having a few new Italian words and phrases in their vocabulary. However, if they are anything like yours truly, actually studying those words-or worse yet, practicing the grammar-isn’t their cup of espresso. But listening to funky Italian songs might be.

A couple of months ago I admitted to my Facebook friends and fans that Ricci e Poveri’s “Sarà Perchè Ti Amo” had me bouncing around faster than a Globetrotter’s basketball on Kid’s Night.

Yea … I like that song. It was one of the first Italian songs I learned and I quickly noticed how memorizing the words increased my vocabulary and improved my grammar.

Over the years, there have been a few other songs that stood out and helped me get past certain grammatical humps, if you will. And I’m gonna share them here.


Sarà Perchè Ti Amo: Ricci e Poveri
… because like I said. It makes me wanna bounce.

50 Special: Cesare Cremonini
My newest obsession. I have actually listened to this song so many times that I’ve made my husband hate it. How is that even possible?

Pensa: Fabrizio Moro
It’s slow, thoughtful tune and anti-mafia stance are enough to make anyone want to learn the words.

Si Può Dare di Più: Enrico Ruggeri
It reminds me of that Christmas commercial where the little boy’s eating the Bauli… you know what I’m talking about, expats!

Estranei A Partire Da Ieri: Alessandra Amoroso
The slow music makes it easy to follow along and really, who doesn’t love a good Italian love song every now and then?

Are you an Italian music fan? If so, what are some of your favorite songs? Have you used music to help you learn a new language?

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Photos: The Epoch Times

8 Responses
  1. Nancy

    As I sit here reading you blog, my Italian lessons book is open, UNDER my laptop! LOL! (Again!)

    I found and love “Italian Cafe” which I think your illustration above is from. After bringing it to Italian classes, my instructor now plays it.

    Many of my younger Italian friends rave about “Elisa” but I have not bought any of her music yet.

    Oh, we LOVE Elisa! I totally should have put one of her songs on here.

  2. Yes I find listening to music has helped me with my Italian and I have enjoyed posting a Sunday Song on my own blog for over a year now. I like Alessandra Amoroso very much having watched her progress via Amici, although I liked listening to all your choices today.

    I didn’t know about your Sunday song series. I’m gonna check that out and link to it!

  3. Gail Brown

    Thanks Cherrye for sharing your favorites! I have too many to mention, but my latest obsession is “Per un po’ sparirò” by Tiziano Ferro.
    I cannot get this song out of my head!
    Here’s the link:
    Listen and you’ll see what I mean.
    E forse sì forse no, molto attento, distratto
    ti sei chiesto mai perché capita che
    farsi male è più facile che darsi un bacio
    per quale motivo non so
    per un po’ sparirò.
    Ed io
    per un po’ sparirò.

    Oooh, good one!

  4. saretta

    I’ve always had success learning TV from watching TV and reading magazines…less from songs, although I like them.

    Reading would be a great way to improve grammar, but reading in Italian is still hard for me.

  5. Dylan

    Since I was young I listened to a band called Eiffel 65 ( you may recall the song blue da ba dee). They have a self titled album of all songs in italian. Also, when they broke up the two members started a band called bloom 06 and they released two albums which have a mix of italian and English songs. These songs are really awesome and will help you learn italian!

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