When breezing through downtown Catanzaro last week I passed a lovely house, with the most heart-warming mail box attached to the door. I have walked this street many times, always failing to notice this proud display of love, happiness, and surely, kindness!

And, isn’t it lovely?
It made me wonder what type of mail a person with such a loving mail box could expect?
Love letters, perhaps?
Messages from a secret admirer?
Bills from Enel?
Here’s hoping there is nothing in your mail box today besides hugs, kisses, and messages of joy! If you see a nasty ‘ole bill…just push it to the back. It can wait until Friday!

Happy Love Thursday!

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  1. Cherrye

    I do, too, Michelle! We’ll have to go shopping and look for one.

    Secret Agent Mama (love your name, btw)…thanks. It is a happy post!

    Danab – Thank you.

    Ursual – I hope when you final tackled your mail, it was all good stuff!!

    Back at ya, Shalet.

    Happy weekend to you, too, MK! And happy belated LT!

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