Travel Tip Tuesday: Does Your Favorite Traveler Need One of These?

Travel Tip Tuesday

I know, I know … it seems too early to think about Holiday gifts but I’m sure everywhere you look there are Christmas trees and nativity scenes, or maybe that is just here in Italy? They get ready for Christmas so early here, it is like Thanksgiving doesn’t even exist. It is like, they have skipped it entirely.

The truth of the matter is, it isn’t too early to be thinking about that perfect gift. Christmas is just six weeks away-six weeks!-and while I can’t speak for the travelers in your life, I can offer these five ideas to get you going.

Christmas presents under the treephoto credit: alancleaver_2000

1. Travel Gift Certificates

Frequent travelers love nothing more than traveling and when it is on somebody else’s dime, well that is the equivalent to having our own little private island holiday wrapped in bacon.

You know what I mean.

If your favorite traveler likes to cruise, check out Cruise Brothers, or consider Bed and or CityPass for frequent domestic travelers.

2. Lightweight Luggage Scale

I wrote about the Travelon luggage scale last year, but I love this baby so much it is worth the repeat. This is an ideal stocking stuffer or inexpensive gift that I guarantee the traveler in your life will love, especially as airlines increase their Scrooge-like policies on luggage weight and carry-ons.

3. In-Flight Comfort

Speaking of Mr. Airline Scrooge, many of them now charge for blankets and since you don’t want your favorite traveler shivering-or sniffling from using a germ-infected blanket-why not . While you are at it, go ahead and think about other comfort items such as , a or . Word to the wise: Be careful of choosing products that are too heavy or bulky for your traveler to take with them.

4. Books, Books, Books

Ok, this seems to be in direct contradiction to what I said above about weight, but if the traveler on your list is about to visit a new destination, why not get them a book set in that location? If your traveler is heading to southern Italy, for example, try by Karen Landes or by Justin Catanoso. Also keep in mind that while hard cover books make nicer gifts, paperbacks are a traveler’s best friend.

5. Memories

Whether you are buying for a full-fledged travel writer-in which case, check out this list at Travel Writer’s Exchange-or a traveler who likes to document his voyages, notebooks, journals, pens and memory cards are always a good bet!

What other gift ideas do you have for frequent travelers?

Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

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3 Responses
  1. Some good suggestions, Cherrye! My personal don’t-leave-at-homes include:
    – a Moleskine notebook. Often my notebooks are full of things besides journaling. For instance, lots of pressed flowers and leaves!
    – an expanding file of some kind, for all the papers and other flat things I accumulate on the road. I tend to collect maps, brochures, feathers, cards, bits of wrapping paper…
    – a cheap ($10) fake pashmina as an airplane wrap/blanket. Cheap means that if I lose it, no big deal.
    – laundry supplies for handwashing clothing. Current favorites include soap leaves and a braided rubber clotheline from Magellan, and inflatable hangers.

    I look forward to Travel Tuesdays – thank you!

    Great list of things to pack, AmyEmilia. I like the cheap pashmina, as well. They always end up kinda dingy anyway, don’t they??

    .-= AmyEmilia´s last blog ..Home again! =-.

  2. Liz

    Great ideas! I packed a cheap-ish pashmina on my last trip, and it was fantastic on the plane. No need to use the scratchy and often gross airplane blankets (which were still free then but…)

    Cherrye, do Italians in different parts of the country start decorating earlier/later? I was in Rome the first week of December and there was pretty much no Christmas activity at all except the Vatican nativity scene (covered in scaffolding). Went to Florence in the middle of the week, and they had decorations all over. I even saw someone dressed as Santa. Returned to Rome the next day and poof! Overnight the lights and trees had gone up. Maybe they were just waiting til I was looking the other way…

    Ha. That is funny. They must have been waiting on you! 😉 To be honest, I’m not really sure if they start at different times. I have noticed over the last few years, though, that they are decorating earlier here in Calabria than in the past. My husband blames the “Texas wind.” ha!

  3. Oh I want the Lightweight Luggage Scale.

    Sick of that panic induced by unknown weight of suitcases.

    Standing on people scales trying to hold the thing is not accurate enough.

    Ha. NO it is not. I used to do that, as well. The scale I use costs about $10 and I couldn’t imagine traveling without it. (PS-they aren’t paying me to say that! ha)

    .-= Sarah Fontó´s last blog ..Italian Housewifey Tip 1 =-.

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