Travel Tip Tuesday: Five Budget-Saving Tips for Your Next Trip to Italy

It should be known I am an avid budget traveler. I advocate counting pennies, budget B&Bs and low-cost airlines and for some reason, I always seem to enjoy a trip more if I feel like it was a good deal.

That being said, Italy’s not cheap.

Yes, yes, I’ve done a Saving Euros in Italy series and highlighted ways to save on your flights, in-country travel and food and hotels. But still, a few new tips never hurt. Right?

With that in mind, here are five new tips for saving money on your next trip to Italy.

20090124-DSC_4440.jpgphoto credit: mauriziobalestrieri

1. Look Outside the Boot

… or at least, outside the high-priced part. Southern Italy is often less expensive than its northern counterparts for rooms and meals-and it can be just as adventurous. Instead of focusing your vacation on well-known cities, look around for lesser-known villages or coastal towns. It might pay off.

2. Get Out of Town

Whether it is your first trip or your 100th, your heart might be set on seeing the Eternal City. No problem. (I get that!) However, staying in a B&B outside of the historical center could save you €30 per night or more. Just double check public transportation routes and ask about travel distances before you book.

3. Find-and Use!-Freebies

Once you have decided where to go, Google “Free Things to Do in … “ and see where it takes you. You are likely to find posts and articles written by local experts who know where to find the freebies.

4. No, I mean REALLY Look

While you are in cheapskate mode, go ahead and search for free Wi-Fi hotspots and research attractions to see if they have free or discounted days during your trip. Also search for free tours, either guided or audio, that will complement your vacation.

5. Do the Math

I often advocate staying in a B&B or hotel that offers breakfast. However, before blindly booking a bed-do the math. Consider that a typical Italian breakfast consists of coffee or cappuccino and a croissant and usually costs just a few euros at a local bar. Make sure the room you book is really worth it.

What other tips do you have for saving money in Italy?

Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

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  1. Hi Cherrye..Thanks for calling into my blog. Yes it is so great to find a wonderful place to read and have coffee.

    Italy and France are really expensive for us now…well anywhere is, with the diminishing pound..or Euro, or Dollar…we are stuck here. I know that you can hunt good places out but that is why we go in the Low season and take a risk with the weather, but so far we have been blessed. this is not the only reason, we can only go then due to my husbands work priorities.

    I do like a bit of comfort on my holidays too.. 🙂

    Yes, traveling in low season is probably the best way to save big bucks. So glad NYC Ragazza mentioned it!

    .-= anne´s last blog ..Muswell Hill, North London…Part 1… =-.

  2. Hello Cherrye. What a useful blog (and interesting site – it’s my first visit). My tip would be on eating out. If you’re dining with someone else start with the antipasto. In my experience you’ll get up to anything like 12 dishes to share. By the time you’re done with that, you might not even need a main course… Had some fabulous antipasti around Puglia earlier this year.

    Good idea. I tend to fill up on the antipasto, too!

    .-= andrew´s last blog ..Laughing all the way to the Banksy =-.

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