A Few of my All-Time Favorite Italy-themed Posts

I’ve spent hundreds of hours over the last few years reading blog posts and articles about Italy-many of which were written by my real-life expat friends and blogging buddies. Some of those posts serve their immediate purpose, offering a good laugh, a useful tip or an encouraging word of expat life-related advice. Other times, they stick with you and years later you can still recall the message.

Here are some of my personal all-time favorite posts and articles about Italy I’ve remembered over the years.

100 Things to Know if you are Going to Italy, by Vanessa of ItalyinSF: Be prepared to spend some time devouring this huge list, which serves as a great first-timers guide to Italy. While I don’t necessarily agree with all 100 points (I’m thinking that’s the differences between the north and south), I have always loved this post and have recommended it often to first-time travelers.

Why Won’t my Child Speak to Me in English?, by Caroline at Globetrotting Parent: Ahhh … this is an oldie … circa 2008 and in fact, I searched her archives a good 45 minutes before I found it. (Although yes … I admit to getting side-tracked by newer posts I encountered mid-search.) As an American married to an Italian-who already speaks four languages-we are adamant about teaching our children languages and I’ve referred to Caroline’s site and this post in particular many times over the last few years.

Going back even a few more years, we have Gym Tales: Making Friends by Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy: Maybe it is because it is one of the first posts I read of Sara’s, but the mental image of her would-be gym pal struggling with her internal issues always stuck with me. I feel like Sara revised and reposted this tale at some point, but the link above points to the original. Enjoy!

Love Thursday: A Grandmother’s Influence, by Michelle of Bleeding Espresso: I *love*love*love* this post that was written by Michelle on what would have been her grandmother’s 83rd birthday back in January, 2007. Not only is it cleverly written but you finish the post feeling a little sad that you never got to work a crossword in Mam Mam’s smoke-filled home (and then have some of that bubbling tomato sauce for dinner).

Other times my favorite posts aren’t touching or nostalgic, but just downright funny, as is the case with My Name is Peppino, by Joe of ItalyVille: I’m actually still laughing about the post as I write this up-which may be because my father-in-law calls my slightly-graying husband, Peppinuccio, so I can relate … but oh … I won’t ruin it for you. Go read it yourself.

What are some of your all-time favorite Italy-themed posts? Leave a comment or link below in case I missed them.

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