Easter in Italy…It is a Good Thing

Buona Pasqua e Pasquetta! After reflecting on past Easter holidays and reminscing on good times, I had begun to worry how this Easter would stack up. Of course, I am in Bella Italia, I am with my heart’s true love, Springtime is in the air, what could be better, right? Well, I was worried about...
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Love Thursday: Italians and the Mercatino

I was half-way through my Love Thursday morning today and still debating about what to write. I thought I would write about how sweet my Peppe was today for sharing tacos with me, even though he doesn’t like Mexican food. Then, I thought I might write about how wonderful Peppe’s dad was for going to...
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What Do Zorro, a Ladybug, and a Piccolo Cowboy

all have in common? They have each recently been spotted in Catanzaro reeking havoc amongst the Catanzaresi people in preparation for the Carnavale. Today is Mardi Gras people, or as they would say in Italian, Martedi Grasso. Much like we do back in Southeast Texas, the week leading up to Carnivale is spent attending parades,...
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Mi dispiace?

I just read a comment posted by a fellow expat and I found some of the comments rather timely, as Peppe and I just debated the timeless question…”Does love really mean never having to say you’re sorry?” He thinks it is very “American” of me to suggest (pronounced: de-mand) an apology after an argument, or...
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Four Short Years

Today marks the day Peppe and I chose as our dating anniversary. Four years ago he was in Texas on that first exploratory visit. He had been there two days, but neither of us had mentioned anything serious like “feelings” or “emotions”. It was on this day he initiated the conversation and we decided to...
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My Big Surprise!

  For the last four months Peppe has been telling me he had a surprise for me. I love surprises, and I bugged him constantly for hints and ideas as to what it could be. We have friends going to Egypt in September, so I thought maybe he bought us tickets to go with them....
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What Would You Do?

As much as I’d like to resist negativity around here, I feel obligated to share with you the story of a young neighbor of mine …. This isn’t a good story, and it isn’t for the faint of heart … so proceed with caution. I met this lady (the word “lady” is being used loosely...
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