Even though summer is playing a little game of hide and seek with us this year, we know that in no time it will make its grand entrance bringing with it hot sunny days and blue skies, perfect for spending countless hours at the beach.

Recently, the Foundation for Environmental Education released there 2014 Blue Flag award recipients, given out annually to coastal areas, marinas and beaches that demonstrate high standards of water quality, safety and environmental management.

In the weeks leading up to the official start of summer, we’ll be looking at the Blue Flag beaches in Southern Italy starting with Calabria.

2014 Blue Flag Beaches of Calabria:

Calabria and its beautiful crystal blue coastline kissing the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas was awarded four Blue Flags this year, one up from last year!

Melissa – Torre Melissa

Torre Melissa, located in the province of Crotone near the island of Capo Rizzuto, is a great place for families with children.  The calm shallow sky blue water that embraces the white sand of the beach is paradise for those looking to get away and relax.

Cirò  – Marina di Cirò

Marina Di Ciro Crotone
Cirò, also located in the province of Crotone, is no newbie when it comes to Blue Flag awards.  This is its 14th Blue Flag.  Located on the Ionian coast in an area famous for its vineyards and wine production of “DOC Cirò” you will find Punta Alice.  Punta Alice offers a long beautiful beach with soften golden sand and blue crystal clear water.

Roccella Jonica

Roccella Jonica (also known as Roccella Ionica) is a small town located in the province of Reggio Calabria.  It is a popular and well-known bathing spot for Calabrians because of its gorgeous white sandy beach and crystal blue water.

Trebisacce –Lungomare Sud

Last, but certainly not least, the new entry – Lungomare Sud in Trebisacce.  Trebisacce, located in the province of Cosenza, is a small city overlooking the Ionian Sea.  It has a long narrow coastline of white sand and small rocks, which is complimented with a lovely palm-tree lined boardwalk.  The bright crystal blue sea is so clear you can see the vast array of fish that live there.

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Image Credits:  NiloByLaRadice, Sabrina Zicaro