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All Aboard: Next Stop, Bova!

This ancient village perched on a hilltop overlooking the entire coastline is one of the most important ancient Greek centers in the province of Reggio Calabria. It is also one of the few places where a unique Greek-Calabrian dialect is still spoken. This dialect was spoken throughout all of southern Calabria until around the 15th...
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bergamot orange

Calabria’s Famous Bergamot Oranges

The bergamot is a citrus fruit that is almost exclusively grown in the province of Reggio Calabria and has become an important symbol for this Calabrian province. The bergamot fruit is like an orange, but it has a yellowish-green outer skin and when you cut it open, you’ll find a yellow center. The climate in...
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The 5 Things You Must Do In Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is situated in the southern part of Italy. You can find it quite easily because it’s the tippy toe of the boot. It’s also one of the main hubs for those looking to get to Sicily, being just a short ferry ride away. But, Reggio Calabria is so much more than a means...
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Affruntata Easter Pasqua MyBellaVita

Calabrian Easter Traditions You May Not Know

Easter in Italy is one of the most important religious periods of the year, even more so than Christmas. So, as you can probably imagine, it’s kind of a big deal. And like all festivals and celebrations in Italy, there are traditions that have been passed on through generations that are still very much present...
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Hunting Swordfish in Chianalea in Scilla

Scilla is a picturesque fishing village located in the province of Reggio Calabria on the western Tyrrhenian Coast. Within Scilla, you’ll find the seafront neighborhood called Chianalea. Built directly on the seafront, its narrow streets and pastel-colored houses are so charming. And as the sun sets, the village’s lights reflect in the nearby water making...
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Blue Flag Beaches of Southern Italy: Calabria

Even though summer is playing a little game of hide and seek with us this year, we know that in no time it will make its grand entrance bringing with it hot sunny days and blue skies, perfect for spending countless hours at the beach. Recently, the Foundation for Environmental Education released there 2014 Blue...
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