The Other Side of Calabria

When most people travel to Calabria, they think of sun-bathing on the beaches, walking through medieval towns, exploring ancient ruins and castles and heating things up with Calabria’s homemade food and wine. They don’t think about outdoor adventure.

But maybe they should.

Two of my recent travel consulting clients-a young newlywed couple from the US-are huge outdoor enthusiasts and they pushed me to find a world of new opportunities for outdoor adventure travel in Calabria.

During the two weeks they were in Calabria, they went mountain biking in La Sila National Park, signed up for canyoning in the Raganello Gorges-the deepest gorge in Europe, snorkeled at Le Castella and went mountain climbing in the Pollino Mountains.

We also found information for them on wind and kite-surfing near Lamezia-a sport that had recently been introduced to me by one of my blog readers (Hi, Greg!) and on boating on the Ionian Sea.

Travelers who are looking for other outdoor adventures could go white-water rafting on the Laos River, trek through the Valle della Tacina, hike through waterfalls or even spend some time on the zip line in La Sila’s adventure park.

One of the highlights of my job is being able to merge my clients’ passions with once-in-a-lifetime activities they can experience in Calabria. One of the worst parts of my job … is not being able to tag along. Lucky for me, most of these activities are just a day or weekend trip away, so maybe we’ll close up shop for a few days and head out to experience the other side of Calabria. Maybe some of you will want to join us?

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Photos: Vacanze Fai da Te and Orme nel Parco

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