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Experience the Best of Southern Italy with My Bella Vita Travel’s Italy Vacations

At My Bella Vita Travel, LLC, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences for those seeking Tailor-Made Vacations in Calabria and Southern Italy.

Whether you wish to explore your ancestral homeland, embark on a unique and personalized journey, or immerse yourself in the region’s cultural heritage, we are your go-to source for memorable travel adventures.

We provide various services to cater to the preferences of solo travelers, families, and groups, including bespoke itineraries and expertly guided tours.

Let us help you uncover the magic of Southern Italy and create lasting memories with My Bella Vita Travel.

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100% Local

All of the B&B owners, agriturismi chefs, cooks, drivers and guides you will encounter on our tours are small, family-owned businesses, Italians who love their region or people who have lived in southern Italy for years.

Authentic Southern Italy

We want you to feel like a local while you are here, and that includes taking you to little-known places where the owners don’t speak English or in some cases … even Italian – just their local dialect!


With our custom vacations and private tours, you choose what is important to you and we plan the itinerary around that. You won’t have to go to vineyards, tour churches and museums, or visit medieval villages if those things aren’t interesting to you.

Pioneers in Southern Italy Heritage Tours

As the original heritage tour company in Southern Italy, My Bella Vita Travel is the only fully licensed and insured provider specializing in Southern Italy heritage tours.

Our expert team of bilingual Heritage Specialists is certified by our company and adept at navigating the complex and intricate world of Italian genealogy.

With My Bella Vita Travel, you can trust our dedicated professionals to guide you through your ancestral journey, unlocking the doors to your past, and connecting you with your roots in Southern Italy.

Embark on a Heartwarming Journey to Italy:

Listen to Maria’s Journey…

Maria Durrant Story

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