Private Heritage Vacations in Calabria

Embark on a Heartwarming Journey to Italy: Step into the enchanting world of Italy with My Bella Vita Travel. Since 2007, we’ve been guiding travelers through Calabria’s hidden treasures. Whether you’re diving into family memories or seeking an intimate cultural adventure, we’ve got your back, making every moment truly special.

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Private Tours of Calabria with the My Bella Vita Travel Family

Do you want a private experience? Think of us as your Italian family on the ground. Together, we’ll set a perfect budget, select  comfortable and convenient base cities, and ensure all of your travel plans go smoothly.. Dive deep into Italy’s soul while we attend to every little detail.

Experience the Heartbeat of Italy

See Italy as only a local could show you. From behind-the-scenes glimpses at city archives to cherished meetings with the locals, your journey will be sprinkled with those ‘only in Italy’ moments you won’t find in any travel guide.

Setting Off on Your Calabrian Adventure with Confidence

We’re all about ensuring you’re well-prepped and excited. From detailed itineraries to live Q&As, we’re here to quell any jitters, so your Italian rendezvous is nothing short of magical.

Your Travels, Our Passion

From the moment you step foot in Italy, one of our friendly bilingual heritage specialists will welcome you with open arms. With our team by your side, you’re never a tourist – you’re family. Any questions or concerns? We’re available round the clock.

My Bella Vita Travel’s Heartfelt Promise to You

Our team, hailing from across the US and Italy’s picturesque south, understands just how monumental this journey is for you. It’s about moments, memories, and roots. Expect the unexpected with us, from exclusive experiences to delightful surprises that add that extra bit of Italian magic.

With My Bella Vita Travel, it’s not just a trip; it’s a heartwarming journey down memory lane.

Discover Your Roots: A Sample 10-Day Private Heritage Tour of Calabria

Day 1

A Calabrian Hug

Arriving at Lamezia Terme Airport, you’ll immediately feel the warmth of Calabria. More than a host, your bilingual heritage specialist will welcome you like an old friend. After a hotel check-in, let Morano Calabro embrace you with its charm, culminating in a Calabrian feast beneath a Norman castle.

Day 2

Mountain Treasures

Today, you’ll head into the heart of the Pollino Mountains, where you’ll meet with local artisans who are preserving their national heritage. We’ll have lunch and enjoy a walk through the countryside, before returning to the hotel to rest. Afternoons are for aperitivi – so evening wine and snacks are on order.

Day 3

Morano Calabro: Echoes of Ancestry

After a hearty breakfast, you’ll journey through your ancestral paths. Meeting local folks and savoring dishes at our favorite trattoria makes for a day close to the heart.

Day 4

Morning Aromas and Vineyard Whispers

Start your day sipping coffee in the vibrant piazza, surrounded by local stories and laughter. Our next stop? A quaint vineyard where Calabrian wines share their tales. As the day winds down, Morano welcomes you back with a leisurely evening.

Day 5

The Ambience of Reggio Calabria

Pack your bags and set your spirit free! As we head south, we take a lovely detour to Pizzo Calabro and unlock the mysteries of the Chiesetta di Piedigrotta. And what’s Italy without its flavors? Await a seafood symphony for lunch and a tartufo gelato demonstration. As evening dawns, join in for a community aperitivo, enjoying the ambiance of Reggio Calabria.

Day 6

Scilla's Serenade

Today you’ll dive into history with the Bronzi di Riace and soak in the local atmosphere. Later, Scilla beckons. This little hamlet whispers tales of old and invites you to a delightful swordfish luncheon by the Strait of Messina. As night falls, Reggio Calabria wraps you in its warm embrace.

Day 7

Mystical Mornings in Serra San Bruno

As we bid adieu to our Reggio abode, a magical detour awaits – the mountainous embrace of Serra San Bruno. Whether wandering amidst tranquil pines or relishing a traditional mountain feast, moments turn memorable here. Catanzaro awaits for a night of dreams.

Day 8

La Sila Mountains: Nature's Lullaby

Greet the day and gear up for La Sila Mountains – where nature sings and spirits soar. Revel in the charm of an Alpine-like village, feast on time-tested recipes, and let the botanical gardens whisper secrets. As stars twinkle, Catanzaro becomes your comforting nest.

Day 9

Scolacium Stories and World-Class Gelato

Swap the usual hotel breakfast for a gelato-making escapade, where sweet delights and laughter blend. Next up, Scolacium unravels its ancient tales, followed by olive mill mysteries. As dusk sets in, gather for an intimate farewell, celebrating moments turned memories. Rest up in Catanzaro, with dreams sprinkled with Italian magic.

Day 10

Until Next Time, Beloved Calabria!

After breakfast, we depart for Lamezia Terme airport, bidding farewell to the beautiful Calabria. Your journey of heritage, culinary delights, and unforgettable landscapes will leave you with memories to cherish forever.

Arrivederci, Bella Calabria!

Discover Your Heritage!

Heritage Picture Pack

Even if you aren’t planning a trip to Calabria, My Bella Vita Travel can bring your ancestral roots to life!

With our Heritage Picture Pack, one of our Calabrian Heritage Specialists – who is also a professional photographer – will spend a day researching your heritage and photographing his discoveries.

He will visit the City Hall, look for your family’s neighborhood, streets, homes and churches and talk to locals about your family.

Contact Us to book your heritage picture pack!

Prices start at €500


  • One day advanced research in your family’s ancestral village, including communication with local officials needed to view family documents
  • Photographic reportage of the day, including, when available, pictures of family documents, ancestral homes, churches and cemetery pictures, as well as shots of local, village life
  • Pictures will be edited and presented on a DVD. Printed photo books and images are also available.

Create Your Calabrian Experience