Reggio di Calabria

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Calabria Top 10 and why top 10 lists don’t suck

I recently purged my list of accepted stumblers over at StumbleUpon and ixnayed three or four self-promoters who had, in less than a month, sent me a combined 100+ articles to “please thumb up.” If you aren’t a stumbler, this might be lost on you, but I mention it today for a reason. With all...
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Southern Italy Snapshots: Calabria

While it is always fun to travel around Italy snapping shots and capturing the bel paese in all of her thousands-year-old glory, sometimes it is fun to take a look at what others are doing. Over the next few months, I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite photos of Italy’s southern regions taken by fellow...
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Three Calabrian Churches Worth Visiting at Christmas

Many street corners, alleys and pathways in Calabria hold a unique find, an ancient artifact … a centuries-old secret. Just strolling through one of the many Medieval, Byzantine or Baroque towns in the region will give you a glimpse into its former life and nowhere is this more true than in the villages’ churches. With...
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Calabria’s National Parks

Calabria might be better known for the 500 miles of coastline that skirt its borders, but inside the region is imploding with three national parks. In fact, 91% of Calabria is mountainous, creating a dramatic landscape for those green and blue sea beaches, molding centuries old Medieval villages and making for some pretty adventurous outdoor...
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Medieval Villages of Calabria, Part I

After the fall of the Roman Empire, a host of invaders flocked across southern Italy, establishing some of the most charming villages in Calabria. This period in our history is called “the Middle Ages,” and the towns they created along the way-Medieval villages-are everywhere in Calabria.
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