Romantic Spots in Calabria

Italy is famous for all things romance! It is home to some of the most picturesque towns and cities that will have you and your special someone falling in love over and over again.  With places like Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast, you are sure to find many romantic opportunities that will sweep you off your feet.  But these well-known places, as spectacular as they are, may come with crowds of tourists, taking away a bit of that magical spark.

But if you head a little further south, into the region of Calabria, you can escape the overwhelming crowds and discover so many incredible hidden gems, and romantic spots that will only make your experience that much more special.

There are some tucked-away corners of Calabria that will bring some extra sweetness to your trip. Visit these places to get caught up in the alluring simplicity of Calabria and don’t forget to steal a kiss (or two) with your loved one.

romantic spots in calabria

Kiss Me, Please!  (Bagnara Calabra)  

Along the promenade of Rione Cacili in the seaside town of Bagnara Calabra just steps away from the Torre di Capo Rocchi and the Port of Bagnara is a simple viewpoint. A makeshift bench, made from wooden skids sits quietly in this overlook. It is painted in the colors of the sunset with a special message, “Se il rumore del mare sovrasta quello dei pensieri, sei nel posto giusto”. (If the sound of the sea dominates that of thoughts, you are in the right place.) It’s an invitation to stop, reflect, and admire the spectacular view overlooking the Strait of Messina and Sicily in the distance. Next to the bench, a sign: “In questo luogo è obbligatorio baciarsi” (In this place, kisses are obligatory.) Honestly, who could resist? As you look out into the horizon, admiring the view with the calming sound of the sea as its waves touch the shore, you have the perfect scene for a memorable kiss.

romantic spots in calabria
Image Credit: Calabrisella Mia

Scala dei Bacio (Chianalea di Scilla)

Chianalea in Scilla is one of the most picturesque fishing villages in Calabria. This characteristic town built directly on the seafront is the ideal stop for a romantic day with that special someone.  Wandering the narrow streets lined with pastel-colored houses, you’ll discover adorable hidden corners.  Alleyways lead down to the sea and flood the narrow streets with the sound of waves crashing against the village houses that line the shore. Tucked away in this mystical ancient fishing villa, is a tiny staircase – La Scala del Bacio. The staircase leads up to a small B&B, but the romantic Romeo and Juliet vibes welcome couples to sit on the steps of the staircase and share a kiss.

romantic spots in calabria

I Lampioni Innamorati (Nicotera)

The Medieval village of Nicotera has sweeping panoramic views over the Coast of the Gods and the Tyrrhenian Sea. A walk through this delightful hamlet perched on the high cliffs, you’ll be immersed in the history and serenity of this hidden gem. Nicotera, at first glance, seems like a typical Calabrian village, but it will surprise you. As you visit the old town, you find yourself at the steps of Vico dei Ombrelli with its multi-colored umbrellas which seem to float above your head. It’s like being transported into a fairy tale. But just below the Ruffo Castle, is one most endearing parts of the town – the Lamponi Innamorati. On the terrace that overlooks the sea, sitting on a bench are two lampposts in a sweet and tender moment. The two lampposts are leaning in towards each other, one seems to be resting its head on the shoulder of the other.  And cue romantic sigh!

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