Carnevale in Calabria

This weekend you can be absolutely certain there is some sort of Carnival festivity happening in pretty much every part of Italy. You see, Carnival is kind of a big deal here in the bel paese and many celebrations have already been in full swing since last week.

Sure, the most extravagant celebrations can be found further north in Venice and Viareggio, but the south knows how to get into the celebrations too.

Take the province on Bari, for example, where every year the town of Putignano continues the tradition of one of the oldest and longest Carnival celebrations going back centuries.

The region of Calabria is no different. Here’s a look at two of the most popular carnivals you can check out if you ever find yourself here during Carnival season.

Carnevale di Castrovillari
The city of Castrovillari in the Province of Cosenza has been celebrating Carnevale since 1959 and it has become one of the most important in Calabria. The festivities officially kick off with crowning the “King of the Carnival” and then giving him the keys to the city. People come from all over Calabria, as well as other parts of Italy, to see the incredible floats, costumes and performances of traditional dance and folklore that take place during the Carnival season. This event is organized completely by the Pro-Loco of Castrovillari and many devoted volunteers of the community.

Carnevale di Amantea
Amantea, a seaside town in the province of Cosenza, isn’t only known for its high-calorie but oh so delicious Frittata di Carnevale. They also have a Carnival parade that they take great pride in which has gotten attention from many tourists that go back each year. The people of Amantea have been busy for months designing and creating the floats that will take pass through the historic centre on February 26th and February 28th. Expect to see a parade full of music, dancers and masks. Keep your eyes open for Rosinella, the official mask of the Amantea Carnival. She represents the common folk and is seen walking around with a pair of scissors and is known to be quite “ciarliera” or talkative.

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Auguri di Buon Carnevale!

Image credits: Carnevale di Castorvillari Official Site, Amanea Online