What Makes Us Different?

I know you have an ever-growing number of choices when it comes to choosing a tour. You can scan your favorite magazine and choose a tour that is sold through a tour operator – or you can go local. I hope you’ll do the latter.

To help you decide, here are a few things to consider about My Bella Vita Travel.

What makes us different

** 100% Local
All of the B&B owners, agriturismi chefs, cooks, drivers and guides you will encounter on my tours are small, family-owned businesses, Italians who love their region or people who have lived here – like me – for years.

** Authentic Southern Italy
Unless you request it – you won’t see chain hotels or mass-tourism marketed resorts on my tours. I want you to feel like a local while you are here, and that includes taking you to little-known places where the owners don’t speak English or in some cases … even Italian – just their local dialect!

** Variety
Eating dinner every night at the hotel is sad – and boring! With my tours, we experience the local culture through the food, wine and music that is available at a variety of restaurants, trattorias and farms throughout the area.

** Well-planned
Most travelers don’t enjoy rushing and spending five or six hours a day in the car is exhausting! My tours are planned to maximize your experiences without keeping you on the road all day. We don’t wake you up at dawn and return at midnight just so we can cram more into your itinerary. You want to experience southern Italy, after all … and that includes relaxing and enjoying the scenery-just like they do!

** Custom
With my custom tours, you choose what is important to you and we plan the itinerary around that. You won’t have to go to vineyards, tour churches and museums or visit medieval villages if those things aren’t interesting to you.

Who uses My Bella Vita Travel?

** Travelers who want more than a standard tour everyone else has already done
** People who want to be immersed in the local culture
** Those who want to absorb the energy of the villages we visit
** Anyone who enjoys meeting locals
** Travelers who don’t mind spontaneous tours given by proud villagers we meet on the street
** People who realize that “a trip of a lifetime ” is just that – and they aren’t willing to risk it with a run-of-the-mill company with offices in other countries.

A Bit About Cherrye

** I have lived in Calabria since 2006. My Calabrese husband and son were both born here and I have an intimate knowledge-and love-for the region.

** Both DK and Michelin have hired me to work on their southern Italy guide books.

** I write a monthly snippet in easyJet Traveller – the inflight magazine for easyJet Airlines.

** Oh … and did I mention I love southern Italy?

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