Word of the Day – Double Doozy

It’s been sooo long since we’ve done a “Word of the Day” that today
I present to You
A Word of the Day Double Doozy!

Word #1 – Cicina

So this may not be a new word for you – maybe you have seen it in my posts or on message boards as my tag. But, do you know where it came from?

First we need to go back just a wee bit – say, 6 years ago to when Cole was born. “Mommy” got to be called “Mommy.” “Daddy” got to be “Daddy.” Even “NeNee” and “Pops” chose cute names to be called by their first-born grandchild. Well, where did that leave me? Aunt Cherrye? I don’t think so! Hence, “Cici” was born.

Well, my darling Peppe, who never can leave good enough alone, updated and Italian’ized my nickname, ever-so-gradually over time until it became CICINA! The really fun part of this new name is that Peppe’s dad and some of his friends now refer to me as Cicina.

“Come sta, Cicina?”

“Cicina sta bene.”

“Cicina?? Dov’e sei??”

(And, here’s a little secret just for you, blog readers…I love it!)

Which brings us to…

Word #2 – Mofide

You now know Peppe has a thing with changing people’s names. In his cell phone one of his best friends is listed, not by his first or last name, but as, ohhhh, should I say it?? Can I tell you??? Ok, well, it’s “Pencil Dick.” He calls his Zia Maria, “Mary,” just to be different. He even called the PdP “Barbarella” (til I took care of that!) And, thanks to a picture taken of Baby Cole on 50s Day at Kindergarten this year, he is now the “Mafioso.”

For some reason or another, (of which I truly have no idea perche) Peppe thinks I am a little Mafiosa! Whether or not that is true, and I’ll never tell whether it is, I liked this word. The problem was I have issues with my Italian “a’s” and “o’s.” But, really a “Mafiosa” is the same as a “Mofioso,” after all…right? Well, he thought differently, and thus invented…


A nice variation to the traditional, and slightly overused “mafioso,” MOFIDE eliminates gender confusion by being a one-word-fits-all creation. (Use it at your own discretion!)

So, if someone overhears us whispering sweet nothings, he wouldn’t hear…

“Ciao, Bella, come stai,tesoro?”
– then –
“Amore mio…”

But, rather

and my response…

And, they say romance is dead!!

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  1. Cherrye

    J – Good one! I know he didn’t say “Moffetta” cause he has written it to me in “love letters…”

    Dear Mofide,

    Blah, Blah Yadda Yadda….


    I know-isn’t that hilarious!! I asked him once, “Uh, Pep. How do you know??” His response? “I’m just guessing!!” Poor PD!

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