Carn & Vino Restaurant in Catanzaro Lido

They always say, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl,” and although I am sure they’d be referring to that slow, southern Texas-twang – literally it can mean something else.

You can take THIS girl out of HER country-but American I’ll always be.

Which is why with all of the delicious, home style dishes my husband can whip up-I still like to eat out. Often.

Hands down, our favorite restaurant in Catanzaro is this quaint little family-owned joint, hidden away on an unassuming side street in Catanzaro Lido.

Carn & Vino Restaurant in Catanzaro Lido in Calabria

Carn & Vino, or Meat and Wine, was first pointed out to us by American guests staying at our bed and breakfast. They gushed about the place and my husband and I were anxious to follow-up on their recommendation.

For my big birthday bash, we headed to Catanzaro Lido and to the restaurant that would soon become our new favorite.

Carn & Vino Restaurant in Catanzaro Lido in Calabria

The owner greeted us as we were looking at the menu and offered us porcini-arancini appetizers. We followed up with baked pancetta-wrapped mozzarella and strong Sicilian wine.

I ordered a first plate only-fresh orrechetti pasta tossed with spinach and Gorgonzola cheese. My husband ordered only a second-a mixed grilled meat platter, with grilled pork, pancetta, beef, sausage and ostrich. Yep-the bird.

After almost half of that bottle of strong Sicilian wine, I tried the ostrich. It was … interesting.

Carn & Vino Restaurant in Catanzaro Lido, Calabria, southern Italy

The ambiance is classy and cheerful. The staff, friendly, professional and a tad bit dangerous. They carefully monitor their tables and when your wine glass is less than half full, they quietly swing by, collect your bottle and refill your glass.

We recently made a return trip to Carn & Vino and were equally impressed with its charm. Its position at the top of our list is fully secured.

On average expect to spend €40-€60 per person, with antipasto, primo, secondo and wine. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Carn & Vino

Via dei Crociati, 33

Catanzaro Lido

(39) 0961.738076

What is your favorite restaurant in your town? Leave it-along with your city-in the comments so I’ll know where to go when I’m out and about!

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  1. carol

    I was already feeling nostalgic for last year’s visit……now you’ve put me over the edge. The orrechietti sound too delicious. We did the same thing, I had a wonderful primo and Bill had the mixed grill. Worth every centessim0
    I remember your primo-it was with ‘nduja! Yum. Come back and we’ll all go together.

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