Where in the World Have You Been? Top 100 Destinations of 2008

It appears traveling well is the theme of the week here at MBV, but that certainly wasn’t the intent. However, when something as fun as the TOP 100 DESTINATIONS OF 2008 lands in your inbox, what’s a travelin’ gal to do, but share that info with her closest pals.

So, here’s a quick recap!

Of the Top 100 destinations, yours truly has only landed 21 of them. Seems to me like I gotta get going!

Next on my wish list from the top 100?

1) Cape Town, South Africa

2) Sydney, Australia

3) Luxor, Egypt

oh yea, and 4) Machu Picchu, Peru

Italophiles will proudly note the bel paese claimed 8 of the top 25 European destination hot spots. Oh, France – you know you are jealous!

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. The slam-packed guide not only offers up the Top 100 World Destinations, but has sub-categories for Top 25s in Canada, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, South America, and the US. I’m disappointed to note here that Beaumont, Texas didn’t make the Top 25, although I am convinced it was a close 26!

Get your copy of the 2008 Traveler’s Choice Destinations Awards, and leave your wish list, current travel plans, or last big vacation destination in the comments! I can’t wait to see where you have been!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I have been to 30 of them so far which is a good number I figure (and also a lot of the places in the top 100 are in Australia…my home city included 🙂 Good luck with your making it to some more of them!

  2. 21 places is not bad at all….you are WAY WAY WAY ahead of me. So far the only place I’ve been outside of North America is Italy. There are a lot of places I do want to travel to though. If I win a lottery then maybe I can actually get moving!!! 😛

  3. j

    In mid June we are going to Paris. Yes, I know, but we have been to Italy the last three trips to Europe in a row. You have lived there (or near there) haven’t you? What are your top things to do in Paris?

    I was actually there once before. When I was 17 I had just graduated from high school and by myself I bought a plane ticket and went to Europe for three weeks. I thought nothing of it then, but now I think, I must have been a strange kid!

  4. well that was a list worthy of refrigerator posting! i was surprised that i have been to 14 & have even lived in one of the top 100. thanks for linking to a great tool for the rest of my life!!!

  5. Oooh, Good job, Leanne! I really wanna go to Australia! You’ll have to fill me in on the goods before I do.

    Oh, isn’t it, Erin? I didnt take that pic, but I hope to go and get my own someday soon!

    I KNOW. Shocking, isn’t it, Running?!? Who makes these lists anyhow!?! 🙂

    Oh, Lulu, I will have to win the lottery, too to take all of the trips I wanna take “soon.”

    Yea, Paris! Great choice, J, you know, besides CZ. I will email you!

    QdB – That is awesome! Which one of the top 100 did you live in?

  6. vanessa

    he he he and NZ takes out the top 2 places! I’ve been to both those places multiple times and overall i;ve been to 41 places in the top 100. my home town is not on the top 100 but is no 13 in the south pacific.

    This summer we are hoping to do an alaska cruise that goes along the west coast of canada too. OH actually before that I am going to Siracusa with my sister and London for her and my brother’s 30th so lots of nice times ahead for me….

  7. DanaB

    Spectacular destination hopes! I’ve been to Africa, England, Italy and Belgium…but all before the age of five so I’ve very lit’l memory of them!! Must re-visit, I’d say!!

    You visited my blog the other day and asked about where my photos of the day were taken; all of the pics were taken in southern Indiana, where we live.

    The tree-lined lane is the driveway leading up to our home and the colorful flower shots are my annuals planted in a whiskey barrel in front of the house.

    The dogwood blossoms and shrine photos were taken last weekend when my family and I spent the day out and about, enjoying the sunshine and togetherness.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  8. Sally

    Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza have been on my wish list for some time and someday I would love to go see the pyramids in Egypt, Petra, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Istanbul(the last 2 aren’t on their list and I would love to go down the Silk Road to Iran and Afghanistan, if there is ever a chance).

    I couldn’t squeeze in Assisi or San Gimignano yet on my trips to Italy and I have avoided Venice per the advice of most Italians I have met here but I’m sure I will go there someday. They say the best time to go is between Christmas and New Year’s Day because there are no tourists.

    I think that 21 is a good number, I made 28 or 29 of the sites (I’m sure I’ve been to La Jolla but I couldn’t tell you anything about it. And, I was born and lived in San Francisco until my early teens. But, I am most embarrassed to say that I haven’t gone to Yellowstone, Sedona, Austin or Jackson Hole here. A couple of gal friends and I went on “The Texas Shopping Vacation” one year and we made it all the way to San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Comfort, Fredricksburg and Luckenback, Texas but not Austin. Sorry, Beaumont didn’t make the list! Never been to New York or Washington, D.C. but I’m not an East Coast kind of gal and I’ve never wanted to go to Monte Carlo (home of Eurotrash, meow!). I’m surprised that Key West, FLA didn’t make the list as it feels a lot like Carmel/Monterey. There are lots of places yet to go but I can’t/don’t want to get past Italy!

  9. Life just seems too short when I think of those amazing places. I’ve go to get a move on, and I haven’t even made it to Sicily yet!

  10. Oooh, I am so jealous, Vanessa! And, your country rocks!

    Hey, Sally. I am sad Beaumont didn’t make your list, either, although the shopping isn’t great. You definitely hit the best spots for Texas shopping, and Hill Country is beautiful! Austin is a lot of fun – you definitely have to go back. I ditto all of the ones on your list, too! Ugh. There are soo many!

    Come on down, Amanda. Have you made it to Calabria at least? And, yes – life is too short!

    Turkey and Egypt? Two great choices. Tough decision!

    Maybe we will have to go together, Robin. We *almost* went their for our honeymoon, but decided on a shorter flight to Belize instead!

  11. I love all the travel references you have on your site because I am such a junkie!

    I have so many destinations still on my wish list that include Patagonia, Nepal, Tibet and Alaska!

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