What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Here is a fun quiz you can take to see What Kind of American English You Speak.

I took the quiz and I scored 50% General American English, 40% Dixie (now there is a surprise!), and 5% YANKEE (now THAT is a surprise!)

I realize this only adds up to 95%, but … I dunno … maybe the other 5% is Italian.

What do you think?

Click here to take the quiz. Please post your results. I am interested to see how you rank!

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  1. Cherrye


    Dixie means you are from the south. For example, we call EVERYTHING a COKE, and we push our groceries around in a BUGGY!

    Thanks for the taking the quiz…where are you from in Scotland? I visited there once and I loved it…but it was soooo cold!

  2. Jeff Gromen

    This test is way off. I speak perfect midwestern from growing up in Cincinnati!!
    It says I’m:
    65% General American
    15% Dixie (that can’t be!!)
    5% Upper Midwest
    5% Yankee

    I demand a recount. I feel I’ve let my fellow midwesterners down!!

  3. Cherrye

    Ah, Come on, Jeff! You know you and your “ants” and all of ya’ll love to eat car-a-mel candy when the devil is beating his wife!!!

  4. Louisa

    Hi Cherrye

    I’m originally from Aberdeen in Scotland (North East) but now live in Brescia (Lombardia) with my Italian BF (we met through work) Where did you visit in Scotland? Yeah, your right it is cold there but at the moment its waay too hot here for my poor scottish skin!!

    I hope you manage to sort things out so that you don’t have to keep hopping over the water. I’m lucky in that respect – being a EU citizen.

  5. Cherrye


    I am really stressed about what I read on Expats. I didn’t know I had to stay 90 days in America. I already have a ticket to come back here after 5 weeks. I don’t really mind going back and forth for the moment, because it is making the transition easier for my family and me. Of course, it isn’t cheap, but it is a good excuse to go see my family. Pep and I are going to have to go check that out this week…ughhh…

    When I visited Scotland I flew into Glascow, and then went to Edinborough (did I spell that right). We went somewhere else, too, to a smaller town, but I can’t remember the name, then we took the train up to the highlands. It was so beautiful…

  6. Louisa


    My sis stays in Glasgow…and Edinburgh is a really nice city.

    I don’t know anything about the processes that non EU folks have to go through but it is spoken about alot on Expats and I’m sure that there will be somebody there that will give you advice – they really are pretty good in that respect.

    Post a pic of Sophia when (if) you can. I love all animals. My BF says I should open a dog house here!!

  7. Cherrye


    You are right, Expats is great for info…I am hitting them up for info now.

    There are a couple of pictures posted of Sophia in the latest blog…she is soooooo sweet. The pics don’t do her justice!!

  8. Liz

    OK, here are my results:

    70% General American English
    10% Upper Midwestern (I live in North Dakota woohoo!)
    10% Yankee (I moved here from New York)
    5% Dixie (what???)
    0% Midwestern

    Ok, so I’d say it’s about 80% accurate, but hey, what about our West Coast friends….no Valley Girl speak????
    One of the things people really say here that drives me nuts is instead of “how cute” they say “for cute” argh!!! This drives me nuts! For fun, for gross…..IT’S “HOW” PEOPLE “HOW”…..Ahhhhh, I feel better now….LOL!!

  9. shabshab

    this was so much fun!
    -shabs =)

    55% General American English

    20% Dixie

    15% Yankee

    5% Midwestern

    0% Upper Midwestern

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