Unconscious Mutterings – Week 220

Found :: Lost; as in Lost and Found, but really then I just think of the show LOST, which I have never seen – not even once!

Male :: Female! Wow, am I boring today or what?

Spoken :: Rules. I know it is really “Unspoken Rules”, but – it is what I thought of when I saw this word. This also makes me think of the many differences in unspoken rules in the US compared to the unspoken rules in Italy. For example, this morning at church, like most Sunday mornings, to be honest, there was a steady stream of people trickling in between 20-40 minutes late! Church only lasts about 45 minutes…you do the math!

Life :: Cereal. Although, unlike Mikey I never really liked it.

Tonight :: Show with Jay Leno. I feel a little guilty that I didn’t say with Johnny Carson, but, well, I didn’t!

Fingernail :: Clippings (gross); then fingernails scratching along a blackboard (even worse)!

By all means, folks, if you’d like to play Unconscious Mutterings, please do! It is fun and easy and it makes you think about things you probably wouldn’t have thought about today. If you do join, please leave a note in my comments so I can check out your responses!

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