I have a confession to make.

Noooo, it’s not nearly as tragic as my last confession, but, it’s pretty darn interesting all the same.

You see, last Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Catanzaro. So bellissimo, in fact, that Pep and I did something we rarely do…

We skipped church.

Not only did we skip church, but we skipped church and went to the beach. My excuse was that I don’t understand the mass anyway. Mom says this is a poor excuse.

I know…I know…I am wrought with shame. The same shame I felt as I was tanning my hide at Catanzaro Lido. At one point, I looked over at Pep and asked if he, too, felt (that infamous Catholic guilt) for skipping out on church. He did.

So, as I lay there on my stomach in my blue and white splattered bikini, silently beckoning the sun to alter my God-given skin tone, I start playing with the rocks in front of me.

“This one is interesting,” I think as I reach out to take a closer look.

I turn it over and see…
“It’s un Segno di Dio, Cicina,” Pep says as I show him my new treasure. “We have to keep it!”

And, we do.
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  1. sognatrice

    OK, the first thing I saw in the rock was a big ole nose. Then I felt guilty once I saw the cross. Sheesh. Can’t escape that Catholic guilt even when you’re not the one skipping church for the beach. Hope you’re wearing sunscreen!

  2. pat

    That wasn’t Catholic guilt, it was a fully functioning conscience…did I spell that right? Don’t worry, pretty soon it’ll be back in Latin and no one will understand. (google news Motu Proprio).

  3. Shelley - At Home in Rome

    What a weird coincidence that it had a cross! I think it was God’s way of saying that by enjoying nature and relaxing, you are forgiven for skipping church.

  4. Texas Espresso

    I’m with sognatrice – at first I thought it was a big nose too. hehe My little Baptist self has turned into a heathen! lol

  5. Anonymous

    we have LOTS of similar ‘rocks’ at out local beach here too. To all you readers outside southern italy, they are not rocks at all, but pieces of old floor tiling that somehow made their way into the sea (don’t even ask…). Over time they get worn down and i actually have a v nice collection of pieces with interesting patterns colours etc. But then, i;ve also never turned them over to look for signs on the back. Such a heathen! Vanessa

  6. Cherrye

    Michelle – ha ha…very funny!! I’ll share the guilt with you.

    Giovanna – it was freaky! Especially since Pep and I were just talking about it!

    Nadine – I don’t think it was a real “rock,” but it is special all the same!

    Pat – oh noooo.I went to a Latin mass once at Saint Peter’s. Very interesting to watch, but I didnt get anything out of it.

    Shelley – I agree with you. I actually felt less guilty AFTER i saw it.

    NYC – Ha ha…thanks!

    J – He was making sure I didnt get too burned, I am sure…still watching out for me?!?

    Stacy – that is funny…what am I gonna do with you (and Michelle)!

    Thanks for the lesson, Vanessa. I didnt think it was an “original” rock, but I didnt know it was from old flooring, either. Neat. Either way – it is mine now!

    Louise – it was neat. It made my day.

    Erin – I do, too, but I am not normally that observant. I think I was meant to find this “rock.”

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