Un Mondo Piccolo

Walt and his pal Topolino were on to something when they sang about our Small World.


They had never even heard of the Internet…never sent an email…never read a blog.

What would they say now?

Several times a week I get an email from someone commenting on this blog.

And. I. Love. It.

As a wanna-be-famous-someday writer, I am thrilled people read my posts, and I am even more excited they like them. Most of these emails, well, actually ALL of these emails have come from people who don’t leave comments. Even better! I didn’t know you were here.

Last week I got an usual email from a fellow Texan who now lives near Boston. With 856 miles from Orange to El Paso and 922 miles from Spearman to Brownsville, this gal and I grew up 40 miles apart, our high school teams are now rivals, and we chose the same hotel for our weddings.

She found this blog when a co-worker mentioned it saying, “This girl is from Texas…I wonder if you know the city.” My new friend replied, “Texas is a big place…I doubt it!” What a surprise!

Her co-worker, as it turns out is an Italian-American who is in love with a man from…can you guess? If you said Italy, you were too vague! If you said Calabria, you were warmer. Yes, my friends, this gal is dating a man from Catanzaro!
She is visiting next month and hoping to relocate here to the instep of the Bel Paese by early 2008. I wonder if Calabria is ready for four of us?

Back in May I broadcast my Advil addiction to the World Wide Web. Well, I was emailed about that one, too. Just last month I received an email from a former anti-drug campaign spokesperson.
Cherri Johnson, the girl I shamelessly brag about marching with stumbled across my blog when her assistant was doing a Google search for “marching bands” or something similar. She is still an advocate for children’s rights and busy with her acting career.

I absolutely love hearing from the people who read this blog. Whether you comment on the posts, send me a personal email, or even tell my mother about something you read…it really does make my day. So, thank you.
I wonder what Walt would say if he could see us now!
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  1. j

    Writing emails has its place, especially when you want to share something with the blog host, but not the rest of the world. But I like reading other peoples comments. There is something very social about it.

  2. Jean

    Howy from East Texas..specifically Tyler. “East” was a bit vague for Texas standards. Anyways I came out lurkdom to say Hi and love the blog.

  3. Nadine

    I always like reading your blog. I agree comments are so encouraging. I didn’t know you knew Cherri Johnson – I loved her in Family Matters.

    I think it is so cool that an old friend would find you through the web and stumble on your site or better yet someone talking about your blog and that personal knowning you.

  4. The Passionate Palate

    I, too, love the way the blogosphere makes the world smaller. The ability to connect with others around the world as easy as we do is just amazing. Yes, Walt would have loved it!

  5. Cherrye

    J – you are right! But, I am greedy. I like getting them ALL! he he

    G – One would hope Americans can organize a take-over by early 2008. Then, you’ll have to come down!

    Hey Jean! Welcome to the commenters section! 🙂 I LOVE Tyler! It is such a beautiful city. Keep commenting, ok?

    Nadine – Thanks, Nadine. I usually try to comment on other blogs, too. It is sad when you post something and no one cares enough to respond, huh? The internet really HAS brought so many of us together. In fact, Michelle (Bleeding Espresso) found me through a forum and then my blog!

    PP – This great ability to connect (or re-connect) with others is how Peppe and I maintained our friendship, which turned into a long-distance relationship, which turned into, well…you know the rest!!

  6. Darryl

    my wife is from lake jackson… my family was from altomonte calabria.. you might have a fifth in calabria soon.. hope so…

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