you already know…

1) I hate being cold;
2) Italians have some pretty extreme ideas of what constitutes health.

Therefore, the following coversation between my suocero and myself should come as no surprise.

Me: (shiver) “I’m soooo cold!”

Lui: “Do you know why you are cold?”

Me: “Uh, si! Because it is cold outside.”

Lui: “No! You are cold because you don’t eat!”

After a not-so-convincing attempt at covering my outburst of laughter, he adds…

“No eating causes poor blood…Your blood is poor! THIS is why you are always cold!”

I politely nodded my head, and grabbed a jacket.

Some things will never change!

Buona Domenica!
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  1. Stephanie

    LOL – My family is Italian, and my mother-in-law is Polish. With those two combined there is never a lack for food. When we come for dinner the meal always looks like we are going to be feeding the whole neighborhood!

  2. Nadine

    That’s amusing, but believe it or not I’ve heard that before – from my mom and she’s not Italian. I should add she wasn’t speaking to me at the time.

  3. bleeding espresso

    My suocero thinks I get colds because I’m too warm in my house (which, if he were ever in it, would know is not true).



  4. j

    Well there is some truth to what he says. When you are hungry you will be colder because it takes energy to produce heat and a little sugar boost would help. So don’t pass up an excuse to eat some good Italian food..of course you don’t want to get too hot!

  5. Cherrye

    Thanks, Erin. I thought that would be a funny way to start your Sunday!!

    Stephanie – Wow. Sounds like family meals at my grandmother’s house…ahhhh

    Louise – It is funny. Now.

    Hey Carla! Long time…hopefully you will be here soon to help me out!

    Nadine and J! I should add that I DO eat. In fact, I eat a lot. It is just NEVER enough. Yesterday, for example, he made chicken for lunch (on the bone). I don’t like meat on the bone, unless it is a big ole rib from Texas Roadhouse, but for argument sake, let’s say I don’t eat meat on the bone. So, he grilled chicken for me. (VERY NICE GUY, BY THE WAY.) But, he grilled two BIG pieces. When I only took one, he grunted and said, “You never eat!” …I can’t win here!

    Michelle – That is funny. Too warm. Nope. That’s not the problem!

  6. Antonino Condorelli

    Hey Cherrye,
    Well, your “suocero” is not right. Because he should have to know that a calabrese maxim is:
    U cristianu sanizzu, doppu chi mangia ‘ngrizzula”. Peppe will help you to read in dialect.
    It mean that after the food an health man feel alway could.
    As you know old people push always woman to eat, also when woman are pregnants they say: You have to eat the double because of your children …
    Obviously it’s a bullsheet…

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