So, I joined this online forum for people who are Expats in Italy. I have mentioned the site on here a few times and I have a link to it on the side of this page. Well, I would read about the Italian Bureaucracy, and people talking about getting a visa or a pdiS, or an IDP, Nulla Osta, Carta di Soggiorno, etc. etc. etc…THIS IS GREEK TO ME. With the exception of the word “visa,” which I believe we all know, and IDP, which is an International Driver’s Permit … I am lost.

I felt sympathy for the others who were trying to live their dream in Italy and were being met with red tape and closed doors. I thought a few times, why don’t they just do what I am doing? Then I thought maybe it was because they needed to find a job and have working papers so they could earn money. I am fortunate I have a home to live in, and a generous boyfriend, who, until we open our Bed and Breakfast in Calabria, doesn’t expect me to work.

Ignorance is bliss … the reason they aren’t doing what I am doing, which is coming to Italy for 90 days, flying home to visit family and friends for a month, then flying back to Itay for another 90 days, is because YOU CAN’T DO THAT!

I am trying to think of what was done or what was said that made me think this was a valid possibility. I can’t remember! I suppose I thought the Visa Fairies would fall from the sky and protect me. Maybe I thought Italy would love me so much, they would just let me go back and forth. Or maybe I thought I could really do it like this.

Well, a few days ago I posted a question on Expats requesting their opinions on whether I should take Sophia Lauren with me back and forth from Italy to Texas. As an afterthought I mentioned my plan of 90 days in Italy, one month out. Only then was I informed of my mistake.

Peppe and his family applied for me a work permit 5 or 6 months ago, but we haven’t heard the status yet. We are going tomorrow to check with the office (I can’t remember the name of the office, much less say it or spell it), but, basically it is the office that deals with foreign people like me. Apparently if they have granted me permission to work here, I can get a visa in Texas when I go home next month. Still, I heard this can take up to 3 months, so I could be out of Italy for the same amount of time, and miss my return flight on August 23. However, this is what we are praying for…this is where we need to Visa Fairies to sprinkle us with pixie dust because it could take 90 days, it could take less, but I will have a visa in the end.

However, if they haven’t granted me this permission, I have a whole new set of issues. Issues I am not yet equipped to handle. There are other types of visas and entry methods but none seem as concrete for me. For example, I am not getting married in Italy, so that option is out. I don’t have Italian heritage, so no luck there…I am not independently wealthy – ouch!

I should know tomorrow if I was granted permission to work in Italy. If any of you know any other possibilities for me if this falls through, please let me know. In the meantime, may the visa fairies be good to you, and may your good karma rub off on me …

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  1. katerinafiore

    Hey Cherrye,

    I am lucky that I have Italian heritage at my beck and call. My uncle is in Italy right now getting my great grandparents birth certificates so I can get citizenship there. I am so impatient when it comes to this. I couldn’t imagine what you are thru. But you have an italian bf so I bet he is helping you as much as possible.

    a presto,

  2. Anonymous

    When you rule out not marrying in Italy, exactly what are you ruling out? I know someone mentioned to you the they are more lenient in extending your tourism visa if they understand that you are coming to Italy to be married (to an Italian citizen) and can prove the marriage is within about six months.

    Is that what you are ruling out?

    Because on the slight off-chance you are confused that you need to be married in Italy… you can be married anywhere and then enter Italy, applying for a PDiS per motivi familiari. However, I think you mentioned that you and your boyfriend do not want to marry just for this (totally understandable. Husband and I were the same way)

    I’m not sure what it is like where you live, but have you considered a student visa?

    I really hope it works out for you. Who knows, it just might. Italy makes laws that it blatantly doesn’t follow. The visa your boyfriend’s family applied for might just work, despite the letter of the law.

  3. shabshab

    i wish i could help. i’ll definitely get the parental units in on this. other than that, i just wrote to say how much enjyed reading this and how i could even hear you saying it all…
    love ya,
    shabs =)

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