Five Tips For Baby-Proofing Your Hotel Room

There are some things non-Moms just don’t think about and it’s possible your hotel or bed and breakfast might not have even considered baby proofing their place. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take potentially dangerous matter out of your baby’s hands.

In addition to calling or emailing ahead and asking about their child-friendly amenities, here are five tips for baby proofing your hotel or B&B in Italy.

1. Get on His (or Her) Level
As soon as you enter your hotel room, get down to your baby’s level-literally!-and explore the room. There’s a whole other vantage point down there … one full of creative dangers just waiting for your tiny tot to touch them. Once you see what he’ll see, you can better prepare yourself to baby proof the room.

2. Move the Breakables
As I have mentioned, moving glasses or other breakables will not only keep your baby safe, it’ll also keep you in good standing with your B&B. After you’ve done your baby-level scan of the room, move any breakable objects to either a higher surface or ask your B&B staff to remove them altogether.

3. Remove Danger
In addition to moving glasses or vases, you’ll also want to check for unstable furniture or dangling cords. Depending on what needs to be adjusted, you can either ask the staff to remove the item (like a TV, lamp or phone, for example) or store the item out of baby’s reach.

4. Go Blue
I’ve read tips on the Internet that suggest parents use duct tape to close drawers or cover wall outlets. While this is good in theory, it will ruin wall paint and leave sticky residue once you are gone.

Kristin at Parent Hacks sent in a tip that is both baby and B&B-friendly when she recommended using blue painter’s tape instead of duct tape to close drawers and cover wall outlets. It’s a great tip … and thanks for thinking of the B&B, Kristin.

5. Cushion the Corners
Look for any hard edges on the furniture or beds and make a cushion using paper and your blue painter’s tape.

Do you have any other tips for baby-proofing your hotel room? If so, leave them in the comments!

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