That’s the Way…B&B’ing Part II

uh hu, uh hu…
I like it

Uh hu, uh hu…

Oh, yes, friends. Contrary to what some people would have you believe, managing a B&B is NOT all about folding towels and ironing sheets, checking emails and baking cakes.

It is not!

Here, try this.

Close your eyes and think about the number one thing you love about your job.

Keep thinking…

Keep thinking…

Oh, you can think of something!!!

(You can open your eyes, now.)

Chances are one of the first things that popped in your mind was “people.” The people you work with; the people you work for; the people you meet at work.

Am I right?

Well, let’s consider what this is like for someone who runs a bed and breakfast.

Who do I work with?
– My husband

Who do I work for?
– Myself

Who do I meet at work?
– Some of the best folks around!

Over the last few months, we have encountered some wonderful people. We’ve met fellow Americans who love to travel. We’ve been invited to see the Tango by a group of theater technicians. We’ve entertained friends. Twice. We’ve been invited to visit guests in both Venice and Rome, and as of this morning – Reggio Calabria.

What can I say? The people make this job worthwhile.

Plus, I have the flexibility to leave the country for three months and plan a wedding. My husband took off a month to join me (wasn’t that lucky). I have a friend visiting in March and I am not worried about vacation time or sick leave. I’m planning another trip with a friend and I don’t have to ask permission to miss work.

The vacation time can’t be beat!

And, the money ain’t too bad. When we are busy – like we were this month – we can make as much in a week as the average Calabrian makes in a month. Not great by American standards, I know. But, we live in Calabria.

It takes me 30 seconds to get to work.

I can wear what I want.

But, going back to the beginning…back to what really counts. I get to spend every day working with my friend. We have enough going on that we get our space; we get our “me” time. But, we get to see each other throughout the day. We get to have lunch together. We meet for coffee breaks. There are unlimited moments throughout the day when we have “us.”

And, that is the way

uh hu, uh hu
I like it
Uh hu Uh hu!

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  1. Linda

    Thanks for the B&B update. I thought I read in a post long ago that your hubby works nights. Either I’m wrong or that’s changed.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the life of a B&B. You can’t go wrong when you get to work with your best friend.

  2. Cherrye

    Thanks, Joe. I was *smiling* đŸ™‚ See?? Our website is currently

    We bought (someone was designing that for us and – get this, you guys – he FELL off the face of the earth…very say, actually!)Anyway, we are going to move from wordpress to any day now!

    Linda – Wow. You’ve got some memory, don’t you?? He did work nights at a hotel about 40 minutes from here. Luckily, he was able to leave that job and focus entirely on the B&B. So – he is always here, too. (It is nice having him around!)

  3. Cherrye

    Hey J. Tourist season is really in the summer, but we don’t see a lot of tourists. The main ones we get are folks who find us through this blog. We just had someone book us this week for May. After several exchanged emails, I’m looking forward to meeting them.

    Most of our guests are here in Catanzaro because of business. We are very close to the hospital, and just had two groups recently check out after visiting relatives there. We also work with professors from the university (which is also pretty close), and other random Calabrese businesses with headquarters in Catanzaro.

  4. Everyday Bailey

    Rub it in why don’t you! I need to come up with a way to run a B&B out of my house in SE Texas…not likely…but you never know!!!

  5. Crazy Daisy

    Having the B&B does sound like fun! I do believe if it were me, meeting the people would be one of my favorite parts as well!

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