Remember last week when my suocero lamented over, what he sees as, my poor eating habits? Well, that testa dura won’t take “non” for an answer!

The next day, he showed up with this, and offered an excuse that the “bricklayer down the street” brought it by for me.

The following morning, I found this sitting on my desk.
And, the third day, he knocked on my office door, and handed me this.


Italians are funny!
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  1. midnightbunny

    It all looks delicious. I see both a devil and an angel sitting on the Italian’s shoulder, who are in cahoots with these chocolate decisions. lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best to you and yours. Enjoy the chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Backpacker momma

    If you’re not eating all the time, theres somethign wrong with you. According to the Italians I know anyway. “Full” is non comprende to them.

  3. j

    Well, I was also thinking along the lines of h at h’s comment…come on Cherrye!

    As for the chocolate, eat it while you’re jogging…you are jogging aren’t you?

  4. Cherrye

    Midnight Bunny-ha ha. Nope. Only the devil!! J/J. He is very generous AND he really thinks I don’t eat enough. Funny. Funny.

    Eryn-Those sorpresas are good. They are Cole’s favorite. Last year I took 24 of them home (with my carryon) for his class party!!

    HH and J – Yes….Sicily posts are coming. But, I need to organize my thoughts, ya know?!? I’m working on them!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    BMomma-You are right! They dont get “full”. But, I made a cake last week that none of them would touch! Boh!

    Michelle-I saw you eyeing that twix!!

    Nadine – If they keep coming I won’t be able to fit in my jeans!!

    And, J, btw – It is too cold and windy…but I plan to restart as soon as we get some sun!!

  5. Rosa (something)

    It’s the Italian way of saying that they’re fond of you. I come back with kilos of extra weight when I visit my Italian parents in Australia!

  6. Cherrye

    I know, Rosa…I know. But, it is hard when you LIVE here!! You don’t want extra kilos!! Dio Mio!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW – I got an early Easter egg this week, too! ha ha ha

  7. Playful Professional

    haha I think you should send him over my way. I just pulled a pack of Gobstoppers out of my desk, but would love a Kinderegg!

  8. Deborah

    I didn’t know they had Kinder Eggs in Italy – we have those here in Germany, too. Don’t you just adore them?

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