Stranded Without a Blog…

Blog Talkers asked, “If you had to spend a year on a deserted island with any five bloggers, who would you choose and why?”

And I say, tough question…how can you pick just five? But, alas, I have no choice…maybe the survival boat that will eventually save us can only hold 6 bloggers, or maybe it is a really tiny island with only 6 huts (I am optimistic), or maybe there is only enough food on the island for 6 of us…well either way, here ya go.
Ambra of Quasi Italiana for her creativity. Did you see that door in her last post? I am pretty sure she could get us out of our mess, but if not, she’d at least have the island looking all nice and “homey” while we are there.
Sognatrice of Bleeding Espresso would be another blogger at the top of my list. Besides being another creative mind to add to the team, she is the only other blogger “out there” who I have actually met. I think that helps!
Write from Karen is an interesting blogger that, if I had no choice but to be on a deserted island for a year, I think I could talk to – a lot. Plus, she has a happy little blog and she gives away prizes. I bet she would have a stash of good books for us to pass the year with.
Judith of Think on It! is a must on any list of lost deserted island bloggers…She can cook just about anything – so whatever we manage to pull from the sea or catch as it falls from a tree she can mix up and serve it up right…
Femminista della Casa would round out my top 5. In case you didn’t know – this gal is linked to a whole array of other bloggers…they would miss her, and thus, come looking for us.
One important thing to note on my list is that we are all WOMEN BLOGGERS…so, we wouldn’t actually be on the deserted island for a whole year. We would walk to the other side of the island, find the natives, ask for directions off the island, and be home by dinner…problem solved!
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  1. blackpurl

    another ex-pat here and I love your solution to the problem of being stranded and will have to check the links you listed!

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