me what I miss most about America (besides the food, she added). That got me to thinking…

I miss…

– squeeze hugs from Cole.

– weekend shopping trips with my mom, grandma, sister, aunts, and cousins (and finding a 75% off sale at the mall).

– forming a line to receive communion.

– driving wherever I want – without an increase in heart rate or sweaty palms.

– Ya Ya parties.

– having that “at ease” feeling about life. Knowing I can go anywhere and ask anything and not only be understood, but more importantly, know what to expect.

– Crazy 8s and Chuck E Cheese (only not in the same day). You can’t have too much excitement at my age without it hurting.

– understanding an overheard conversation, without trying.

– after work drinks.

– girls’ nights.

– Sex in the City martini parties.

– Florida road trips.

– receiving a phone call from a friend.

– cappuccini so big you need to use two hands.

– 24-hour drugstores.

– buying bottled water at a gas station when you have been driving too long and will just DIE if you don’t taste water soon.

– brainstorming book ideas with dad, in person.

– Sunday afternoons at maw-maws.

– affordable, and yet-somehow-still-comfortable shoes.

– going to church with Paw-Paw.

– sitting for hours at Rao’s Bakery (on Dowlen), chatting with a friend.

– ordering out.

– Barnes and Noble.

– watching a tear-jerking chic flick with my sister.

– manis and pedis (done at an all-girls movie night).

– shoe trading.

– randomly running into people I know.

– surprising my parents with pizza.

– taking Cole to the movies.

– and a million other little things…

These aren’t moments I dwell on, or even consciously consider on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t have and shouldn’t have gone off on this mile-long pity party…

but, someone asked.

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  1. jessica in rome

    WOW! I totally can relate to your list. Even the little things like recognizing people on the street, drugstores and overhearing conversations. I esp miss driving. Great post, we are not alone!

  2. Giulia

    I was nodding my head in agreement as I read each sentence, except when I got to the sharing of shoes part. lol
    The thought of wearing someone elses shoes creeps me out. When I would go bowling, it came to the point that I bought my own pair of bowling shoes rather then wear the ones at the alley!

  3. Romerican

    I hear you!!!! I especially miss REAL sales that are year-round, 24-7 everything, and ordering out…
    luckily my USA trip is only a few months away!

  4. sognatrice

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, some of those things do get easier–you will start overhearing without trying, and then you’ll curse the day you wished for it. Trust me.

    But the “at ease” feeling part…that’s definitely something that will come as well (you’ll stop planning what you need to say! I swear!) and you’ll love it. Trust me 🙂

  5. j

    Well Cherrye, I’m sorry to hear you sounding so homesick, but if it will make you feel any better then you should know that I spent (wasted) about an hour today in an orange barrel traffic jam trying to get to a big box store to get a computer cable because the *#@! box store drove everyone else out of business that might have sold one…I wish I was in Catanzaro (at a B&B).

  6. Calabrisella

    mille sorrys!
    i didn’t mean to make you sad… or home sick…

    i know the feeling…

    but you did make me appreciate everything 10 times more !

    mi dispiace…

  7. Kataroma

    YES! I can so relate – even though I moved from big city (NYC) to big city (Rome) – it’s the same.

    I’m going to the UK for a long weekend at the end of this month and I remember last time I was there about a year ago I was just bowled over that everyone was speaking English – my language! Even though I’m not British I just felt this affinity with everyone that I don’t feel here. And I could just speak English without thinking about it and be understood.

    I speak Italian OK now but somehow it’s just not the same to me – it lacks the same force of meaning or something. Oh and the accents – everyone in the UK had accents – English, Scottish, northern English, American, Australian – it was so great to hear all those accents. 🙂 In Italian I can tell if someone is from Rome, the north or the south but that’s about it.

  8. Nadine

    It must be difficult to live in a land where the language is not your primary one. I’m sure sognatrice is correct that it will get easier. I pray that it will for you.

  9. Cherrye

    Thanks, Jessica. I am sorry you miss these things, too, but glad to know I am not alone!

    Giula – ha ha! Very funny. I can see where some people would think that is gross! I have a good friend in TX who wears the same size and we traded ALL OF THE TIME!! Ahhh…good times!

    Romerican – I know what you mean about REAL SALES! My sister was telling me about a 75% off sale she went to the other day! Can you imagine that here? I get bowled over for 30% off! ha ha When is your trip home? Mine is mid-Sept!

    Sognatice – Thanks for the encouragement. I know it will get better…and, really I don’t dwell on these things! I promise!

    J – Thanks for making me smile~ I can imagine you driving all over Ohio looking for a computer cable! I wish you were in (at a B&B), too!

    Calabrisella – Don’t feel bad!! lol You didn’t make me sad! In a weird kind of way, I enjoyed thinking about things like that…I hope you are enjoying some of that “American” stuff – and I will enjoy the Calabrese stuff, ok?

    Kataroma! I know what you mean! I took a trip to London when I lived in Paris and felt the same thing. In some ways, though, I felt a little claustrophobic that everyone knew what I was saying. Be careful what you ask for, right?

    Thank you, Nadine! While most of the time everything is fine, you do get those “ARKWHRJD” (that was me screaming) moments! When you are in your country you take for granted little things, like being able to easily make a phone call, ask for help in a store, and feel like you know what is going on!

    Thank you, Poppy…and I love your new pic/look! Very nice!!

  10. Louise

    Great list…a lot of great stuff but I am sure as time goes by you’ll be more and more in love with everything Italy you won’t even be able to imagine life at “home”!! at least that is my wish for you!!
    Hugs to you!

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