in Italian…
This sign is one of them.


Any questions?
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  1. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    I’m not sure of this translation. It seems to be more colorful than “Say no to drugs”

  2. Giulia

    Hmmmm, “Don’t touch this sh*t!” Am I right? Is that the message they are trying to relay? I have to agree with NYC. It’s definitely a more colorful way to put it!

    *I deleted my last comment due to a spelling mistake.*

  3. Cherrye

    Ah, yes, J…so bellissima! Too bad THESE words I know. ha ha

    J Doe – You would be surprised at how un-funny I am in Italian. Or, maybe you wouldn’t be!

    NYC – I agree. It is more “funny” if nothing else.

  4. Cherrye

    G – I saw you deleted that…I wondered why. Yes, isn’t it a funny way to teach “our kids” not to touch drugs! lol

  5. avery

    I see this poster plastered all over Rome and I laugh every time. But I guess the whole “this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs”…..sssssspop hisss frying egg thing is pretty strange too!

  6. Shelley - At Home in Rome

    Yeah, I saw this one in Rome too. It’s the fringe extreme political parties like Forza Nuova and Fiamma Tricolore that never beat around the bush in their posters, they’re always so out there!

  7. Cherrye

    Avery and Shelley – I am glad to see this artful poster is all over Italy and they didn’t “target” us Calabrese!! I DID think of the sizzling egg when I saw this!

    Calab, Nadine, Delina, and Sogna – I thought this poster was VERY funny. I had to double check with Pep that I wasn’t missing some Italian joke or something…Seems I wasn’t!

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