So Much Has Happened

since I left Italy more than three months ago, that I am having a hard time narrowing down an appropriate point of interest on which to write.

Not so much due to inactivity on my part, but more so, perhaps from the lack of daily writing…which most writers know, increases skill and focuses a writer’s brain on important, relevant facts.

For example, I hardly think, dear blog readers, you would be interested to know that during my Southeast Texas sabbatical, I became somewhat of addict. Drug of choice?? Dancing with the Stars…followed with a CSI:Miami chaser. Embarrassing, I know…but I was told admitting your problem was the first step to recover… We will see.

Or, I wonder, will you be interested to discover that the very day I arrived in Beaumont, my cousin’s nine-month old daughter went into the hospital? After spending most of the fall season in and out of various hospitals throughout our region, and after tossing around such scary words as Childhood Leukaemia and Autoimmune Deficiency, we were relieved to have a final diagnosis of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Relieved, you might think?!? Trust me, it is ALL relative.

Undeniably one of the most memorable occurrences, and in fact, the reason I made the trip home, was to finalize preparations and become Mrs. Giuseppe Mannella. Thinking back on that day brings a smile to my face, as I pray it always will, but the string of events that occurred in the twelve days preceding this joyous occasion, will no doubt be as seared in my mind as the wedding itself.

But, that is a long story…and, so it will be told in the next post.

Until then, my friends…

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  1. Stephanie

    Cherrye, oh my gosh, Sarina and I was also hooked on dancing with the stars and CSI, plus Criminal Minds. Sometimes I think we are mentally in trouble…… haha

    She has been here since September 5th and is leaving this coming Sunday. Her Alessandro was here for 12 days around Christmas, which was special!!! He’s a wonderful guy.

    Sarina found out that Dancing with the Stars is going to be at our Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit, so she is trying to come up with SOME reason to stay……she even looked into dance lessons… oh well.

  2. Cherrye

    So were you and Sarina glad that Helio and Julianne won? I loved them…but, Max ain’t bad to look at, ya know what I mean?!?

    I bet you are enjoying your time with Sarina in the states with you. My mom was sad I left…I was, too!

    I *hope* you guys get to go to the Dancing tour…think of me if you do!!

  3. sognatrice

    OK well I don’t know if this is right to say but you know we have Ballando con le stelle here too….

    Can’t wait for those wedding stories. Of course I’ll enjoy them much more in person…CAN’T WAIT TO GET TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stephanie

    what a looker that Helio is!!!!! Yes, they were our pick, they were awesome.
    Sarina leaves tomorrow and I dread it!!!!! I will miss her so much and I know she is dreading it too!!! Soooo much easier to say hello isn’t it? Was is hard to get back into the swing of things there? I know Sarina is dreading the “trying to make friends with the Italian girls!!!” thing.

  5. Shan

    Welcome back! I totally get the Dancing With the Stars addiction. I gave in to mine. Can’t wait for the wedding stories!

  6. j

    Yes, Dancing With the Stars is a fun program, but I would rather dance with my own stars. How about you Cherrye, do you dance much?

  7. Jilli

    My father still makes me DVD’s of all the CSI shows, Criminal Minds, and a few more… I know they are starting to run on TV here, but…

    Cannot wait to hear all your wedding stories. My husband and I planned our wedding here in Sicily, and were married this past May. After all the documents were finished, the other things fell into place!

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