So, It’s That Time Again

Time to pack up those cherry-red suitcases and head back over the big, blue pond. Another trip home. A trip, that after eight long months I should be ready to take, leaves me feeling the flutter of butterflies dancing about. Why is that?

Is it because I wish I had one more week to tie up those loose ends here in Italy?

Is it because I know that, once in Texas, I will hit the ground running with wedding preparations?

Or, is it because after spending more consecutive time together than ever before in our seven year relationship – I don’t want to miss Pep?

Oh, yes. This will pass. I will wake up before the crack of dawn on Wednesday, hop on those three Lufthansa / United Flights, watch a few movies, start a new book, eat some stale airline “food” and be back in Texas before my Paw-Paw can say, “Howdy, ya’ll.”

Well technically, he will have time to say “Howdy, ya’ll,” I mean – it is close to 19 hours from start to finish…But, this will pass and I know that.

I just hate the wait.

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  1. Megan in Liguria

    Good luck and enjoy the whole experience, Cherrye! Looking forward to reading about it and of course, seeing lots of photos.

  2. Texas Espresso

    I am finding that after 5+ years of constant togetherness, it has been SO HARD to be apart from Stefano while he is in Italy facilitating our move. So I tend to lean towards that as hesitation. I’m sure the other things have a hand in it though =) How long will you be gone?

    Have a safe trip!

  3. j

    Well Cherrye, I remember I first started reading your blog right before your last trip home (wow, that’s almost a year)and you left us Bella Vita-less for almost three months. Do you think you will be able to find a computer there this time?

  4. Cherrye

    Hi Megan. Thank you! I will post pics…you know, assuming the photographer shows up! đŸ™‚

    G – Thank you so much. It will be a long day.

    Leanne, thank you! I will (I am thinking…)

    Stacy – Thanks. I bet you are right. I am really excited about seeing my family. I am going to pick Cole (my nephew) up at school on Thurs. I wont get home (to Houston) until after 7, then 1.5 hours drive. So it will prob be 10. I am staying in Bmt with a friend. How is the weather in TX?

    J – I am planning on blogging while I am gone. In fact, I have a few blog posts already written…And a few pics already taken! Things may be even more sporadic (if you can imagine) but I am “all over it!”

  5. Texas Espresso

    Its hot my friend.. its hot. At least Dallas is – but I am hoping the fallish weather will be here any day =)

    have a great trip!

  6. maddiesmommy&daddy

    Hey Girl! I’m glad to know your stateside trip is here already. We’ve had a cool front and another on the way….It’s been about mid 80’s here on the island. The nice thing is that the humidity was low for the last few days. We are expecting 90’s and the return of the humidity (AH NUTS!) this weekend though.

    Hope we can see you while you’re here. We won’t make the wedding b/c our move to Charleston comes the first week of November, so we should try to get together!

    Hugs and have a safe trip.

  7. Cherrye

    Hi Delina. You are right! It is almost worth the “missing!”

    Thank you, Maryann! I appreciate that.

    Yikes..I knew it, Stacy. Any plans to go back to Houston in the next few months? If so – email me – we’ll hit Lupe’s!

    Oh, no, Brandy. I am sad. I am going to miss ya’ll at the wedding. Call me when you come in to see your grandparents and we will get together no matter what! I have to see that baby!

    Ohhh, Nadine. I will. Thanks!

  8. Penelope

    Have a safe and happy trip home! I will hopefully be flying with Lufthansa soon too! They are having a great sale on flights, so I am booking!

  9. Cherrye

    Stephanie – Pep doesn’t have his ticket yet, but he should come around a week or so before the wedding. We will need at least 3 days in TX for the marriage license. I have really hit the ground running…finally getting a chance to breath and blog!

    Penelope – My flight was actually on US Air, even though I booked with Lufthansa. The code share thing…It was ok, but very cold and very crowded!!! Don’t eat the pasta! It is horrible!

    Thanks, Erin. I am here and it is fun. I feel like I never left!

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