Save Money This Year in Florence with the Fiorino Effect

The Province of Florence and the local tourism board recently announced a new campaign to ensure Americans continue to visit the Tuscan capital. The Fiorino Effect will begin May 15 and is scheduled to run through the end of 2008. Eligible tourists will receive discounts such as 10% off hotels and meals, 15% off theatre performance, 20% off select exhibitions and museums, and free entry into the Palazzo Medici.

Who is eligible

** American citizens who visit Florence and the province between May 15 and December 31, 2008.

How it works
To receive discounts, tourists must

– print a Fiorino Effect voucher
– stay at one of the participating hotels, and have their voucher validated by that hotel
– pay for their hotel in euro

The promotion coincides with the opening of the 10-day Il Genio Fiorentino festival which highlights, you guessed it – Florence’s Genius! For more information, visit the Florence Tourism site. And, once again, here is the voucher, list of participating hotels, and restaurants.

But, I have a question for you!

How many of you think this promotion will help Florence maintain that steady stream of American visitors? Would 10% off hotel costs entice you to visit the city, or will the discount only benefit those who would have gone regardless? What are you thoughts?

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  1. I’ve been noticing a lot of signs in the shop windows with “Attn: Americans! Weak Dollar?!? We’ve got the solution!”

    Interesting concept. Also, when we were in Barcelona, a couple shops had this as well.

  2. I think for those of already in Europe it’s a great incentive…can’t imagine many people would fly over just to take advantage of the deal though. Flight prices are *outrageous* as we both know 🙁

  3. I thought about you a lot when I wrote this post, Erin. Too bad you guys can’t take advantage.

    I agree, Michelle. I think it is great if you were already planning to go to Florence, but I dont see 10% off encouraging people to come.

  4. I would certainly take advantage of the 10% but it would not be a deal maker/breaker or affect my decision to travel.
    I just made my flight reservation for Blogher in San Francisco and OH MY GAWD…airfare was almost double of what I paid for the same ticket 18 months ago.

  5. Sally

    Sadly, it wouldn’t really matter even for me. The price of food and gas is making life harder for everyone and a 10% discount woildn’t be much enticement. I haven’t priced a flight but the trip I was planning to make over the pond this winter is looking very bleak.

  6. I wouldn’t go to Florence just for 10% off my hotel. It might entice me to stay at one of the hotels and take advantage of the deal if I was already planning to go to Florence though.
    But again…if those hotels are 2x the price of a hotel that I would find on my own..then I’d blow it off all together 🙂

  7. Stehanie

    I don’t think it will help. Because you still have to eat, transportation etc…. It is just terrible right now.

  8. If someone was already planning a trip to Italy it might be a good enough incentive to add Florence to the itinerary (if its not already on it). I don’t think it would make someone decide to plan a trip they weren’t already planning though. Plus, the incentive doesn’t help with flight costs. Airfare is slowly creeping up with the increase in fuel and the weak American dollar. The incentive wouldn’t apply for me anyway because I’m Canadian 😛

  9. Oh, Jan, don’t I know. I’ve been looking for my TX ticket for the summer, and WOW. 🙁

    Yea, I checked the list, Robin, and there were 5 Star – 1 Star hotels listed. 10% is nice, but …

    Oh no, Sally, I’m sorry to hear that. I know how you feel, though!

    Stephanie, too bad Sarina can’t take advantage of this!

    Lulu, that kinda stinks for the Canadians, doesn’t it? And, you are SO right about the costs of flights these days!

  10. Stehanie

    Why couldn’t Sarina take advantage of this? In Florence…….. I just printed it out and can fax it to her. Is it just 10% at the restaurants?

  11. I think people already planning a trip to Italy would take advantage of these offers. I wouldn’t go just because of 10% off – 25 or 35% might get my mind to changing plans and taking advantage, but not 10%. It’s just me.

  12. I handn’t heard that American tourism in Florence was down as every post I read say the streets are crowded.

    A 10% discount wouldn’t make me decide to go to Italy but if a tip is already planned and it just so happens you’re staying at one of those hotels it would be a nice little bonus. I’d probably add that savings to my shopping budget. :o)

    I stay at a ‘Hotel’ and I will use that word loosely as they are well kept rooms that a wonderful lady named Anna and her family run. I’ve stayed there on all 3 of my visits. The rooms are immaculately cleaned and they are wonderful people. I’ve never paid more then 50 Euro for a single room. I’m thinking the 10% wouldn’t apply for this caliber of a room.

    I did see some of the restorante’s that I’ve been to on the list.


  13. j

    Well 10% could end up being real money you could spend on something else while you are over there. Is there a CZ effect this summer Cherrye?

  14. I doubt it would make any difference to me at all, and 10% certainly isn’t enough to make an itinerary addition or change. Nice to know they are thinking of us though.

  15. Stephanie – You have to stay in one of the participating hotels and have them validate the voucher so you can get the discounts on food, etc. Sarina probably won’t be staying in any of the hotels. 🙁

    I agree, Nadine. Even 20% off might make me plan a little trip north, and I am much closer than you!

    Linda, I didn’t see any B&Bs on the list, but they did list some one star hotels … That being said, next time I head to Florence, I’ll have to get your connection’s name and number! It sounds great.

    Unfortunately for us not planning trips, Rhea, but it will probably be a good thing for Italy. I bet many people do like Linda (comment above yours) and J (just below) said. Spend that 10% savings on something else in Italy!

    Yes, J. 10% off food and hotels, and more money for SHOES! Woo hoo! Think P would go for it?? And, lol. The only Catanzaro Effect I’ve seen is that the weather can’t make up its dang mind. Dai!!

    Amyemilia, ciao! Seems like we all agree. If you are already going – GREAT. Otherwise … But, like you said. “Thanks for the thought, Firenze!”

  16. I think it’s a great idea; though it probably won’t entice anyone who wasn’t already planning a trip to Florence, it’ll certainly help the folks who are already planning to visit save some money. Which they can then spend on gelato and leather goods.


    Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to pass it along to my readers.

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