And, no! This is not referring to the lack of regularly seen sconti throughout Italy, but rather. Salt or no salt.

On your watermelon, I mean?

All summer, at the amazement, and sometimes utter disguist of the Italians, I have added a dash of sale to my watermelon.

Well, I finally got one Italian to try it.

And, he liked it!

Do you?

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  1. Stephanie

    Yeah, I get the looks too. First time I was in Sicily and used salt on my watermelon, I thought they were going to commit me. I couldn’t get anyone to try it though.

  2. sognatrice

    I don’t like salt on salty things, so it certainly isn’t going on my watermelon! Although I *have* tried it; don’t get it. Sorry!

    But I’m wondering, and I bet I’m not the only one who’ll ask…who *is* that watermelon-eating Italian?

    You must head over to Sara’s (Ms Adventures in Italy) and check out her post on a new shakerato recipe to try…tiramisu!!!

  3. Maria

    I believe the salt on the watermellon is a “southern” thing đŸ™‚ A southern woman had me try it at work one day (I am from philadelphia) and to my surprise I loved it! so I’m all for the sale on my melone!

  4. Jeff Gromen

    I’ve tried a lot of things but I don’t see me trying salt on my watermelon. It’s fine the way it is!!! I only use salt to cover the taste of stuff I don’t like.

  5. Anonymous

    Ahhh the age old question. My family is split. My Uncle Dominic and brother in law Steve both salted. Me? Nope.

  6. J.Doe

    As a person with high blood pressure and trying to eat lower sodium meals. adding salt liberally to foods bothers me, so I’ll have to add in my 2 cents and say “Salt on a watermelon-never.”

  7. cupcake

    I put salt and peper on cantaloupe, but I like my watermelon either straight up or mixed with some rum (or vodka) and shaved ice.

    Pepper on cantaloupe? You have no idea the amount of stares that come my way.

  8. Anonymous

    That’s definitelly American. It was a culture shock when I came to the States.

    Now, has anyone seen Italians eat watermelon with bread? It must be a very old Sicilian tradition, I bet.

  9. Cherrye

    Hey Stephanie! Ha ha. They do think it is crazy, huh?? It took me a long time (and many Italians refused to try it) but I finally converted a few.

    Sogn – The seed-spitting Italiano is the newly wed Gianluca…Pep’s BFF.

    Maria – It might be a southern thing. I am glad you were open-minded enough to try it! You never, know, right?

    Jeff – I don’t eat it all of the time. If the watermelon is really sweet I don’t touch the salt! But, come on – you could TRY it! Then, you’d know for sure!

    Delina – lol! ha ha…I hear the desperation in your voice!

    Amen, Linda!

    Anony and Maryann – Have you tried it??

    JD – You are right. It takes all the “health” out of it. That is why I try not to do it all the time. But, if the watermelon isn’t really sweet, it is an interesting flavor. My friend’s mom also salts peaches. That I haven’t tried!

    Wow, Cupcake – that is a first. I havent’ ever heard of pepper on cantaloupe. Really? When I was in college we infused vodka or rum into the watermelon. I don’t really remember the taste…ha ha…is that a sign?!?

    Mady – try it! You never know. Pep has tried it, but he doesn’t like it. The Italian in the pic (Gianluca) actually liked it, as did his new wife.

    Anony – I have NOT seen them eat bread with watermelon. Interesting. I asked Pep about that. He hasnt seen it either. His dad eats bread with strawberries, but that doesnt seem sooo strange to me…it is kinda like a strawberry shortcake – kinda.

  10. Piccola

    I think a little salt is good. Actually, I grew up putting chili powder on my fruit. The Italian is horrified by this because we should never mixed salty with sweet, never. Ha! I did, do and always will!

  11. Erin

    This is the first summer I’ve seen people do that and it totally threw me off. I don’t understand the concept. Personally, don’t see myself trying it.

  12. Cherrye

    Piccola – chili pepper?? Now that is one I haven’t tried! WOW. I am speechless! (Imagine that!)

    Erin – if you dont want to try the salt, maybe you can try the chili pepper??!?

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