Readers Report … Tips from Real Travelers

Howdy, gang, and welcome back to Travel Tip Tuesdays! This week, Robin and I are highlighting, what I am sure will be, my favorite reoccurring installment of Travel Tip Tuesdays.

Readers Report … Tips from Real Travelers

As you might remember, Robin and I are both accepting travel tips, ideas, and interesting tidbits of information from you, to share with, well you. I think you get the idea.

Today’s tip comes  to us from my home state, and is offered up by one of my new favorite bloggers. Andrea, of Andrea Unplugged blogs about anything that pops in head, and is a regular contributor to Top Five Friday! She is also an avid random photo taker, and loves to share those odd images with the blogosphere.

In fact, Andrea’s tip today focuses on getting the best photos. She says:

“When you visit a city, state, or country icon that is simply a ‘must have,’ always buy a postcard. This is especially important for amateur photographers, so they can ensure they have the best picture available when they return home. These postcards are ideal to accent your scrapbook and complete the overall feel of your travel book!”

And, that’s a GREAT TIP, I say! I know I’ve been burned more than once on photos I think are amazing, then I return home and, well … not so much!

Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

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  1. I think another great tip is to always keep stamps in your purse and buy more than one postcard and send them to people. They’re a cheap and easy way to tell someone you’re thinking about them even if you do make them slightly jealous.

  2. Great idea to buy postcards!! And, even better to send some to the loved ones at home, so they know you were thinking about them!

  3. Another similar idea – buy blank postcards. Create a collage of found papers. Examples might include tickets, candy wrappers, receipts, maybe even a leaf or pressed flower (I have made a habit to press leaves and flowers in my little Moleskin book.) Arrange these objects face-side down on the sticky side of wide clear packing tape – you will have to bring some from home probably, but it is cheap and easy to carry. Run two courses of tape on your postcard, trim, and address. These are unique souveniers for the people who receive them, and they are fun to make at the end of the day when you are resting your feet.

    You can also draw but I’m very drawing-challenged. If I sent a drawn post card I doubt anyone would know what I was portraying!

  4. Thank you, Daija. Your comment was stuck in my spam folder! You are SAFE now!

    Tell me about it, Robin! I hear ya!!

    That is good, Britni. I always forget to send the postcards I buy for ppl, unless I have a gap of time when I can sit and write them!

    I agree Rhea. I always TRY to send at least one to my family, and one to P’s dad. Of course, I usually beat the postcards home!

    That is a great, unique idea Amyemilia! I am going to try that next time! Love it!!

    I didn’t get the canon, J. I got a Sony DSC-55 (or some number like that!) lol. I like it, but I still need to read the booklet to get the best shots!

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