Readers Report … Tips from Real Travelers

E-zines and travel blogs abound with top-notch information for would-be travelers.

Looking for the 2009 hotspot? You can find that. Wondering how to keep your kids entertained on the road? That’s easy to find! Looking for the best place to eat in southern India? That is out there, too.

But my favorite place to find travel information is by talking to the travelers who pass through our B&B here in Catanzaro. So today I present to you

Readers Report … Tips from Real Travelers

These tips are brought to you by two of our recent guests who are frequent vacationers to the bel paese and who hope to add “expat” to their list of titles within the next year.

>> Make color copies of your passports to give to the hotel or bed and breakfast. You will be able to keep your passport with you and it will likely save time during check-in.

>> When our son was young we would print a copy of our itinerary and contact information and tuck it into his pocket and make sure he knew it was there. If he was ever lost, he could tell a police officer or trusted adult how to find his parents.

The following two tips are brought to you by another couple who recently ventured to Calabria from their home country of Canada.

>> Wear comfortable shoes – you never know how far you will have to walk.

>> Pack in pairs. We always pack half of his stuff and half of (her) stuff in each suitcase. That way if the airline misplaces a bag, we each have clothes with us in our new destination.

What are some of your favorite tried and tested travel tips? Share them below or contact me and be featured here on the next Readers Report … Tips from Real Travelers installment.

Read the first installment of Readers Report … Tips from Real Travelers here.

Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

6 Responses
  1. Some great advice. I like the packing in pairs – that really makes sense to me. Thank you for the tips.
    You are welcome. I thought the idea for the kiddos was creative, as well.

  2. joanne at frutto della passione

    Most airports have downloadable or printable maps of their Terminals. I always print them when I have a lay over so that I know where to find gates, restaurants, restrooms … all the essentials, especially since I travel with a child.
    Oh, Joanne I *love* this tip. This is great. We should do a whole post on this, actually!

  3. hands down…my favorite tip is to wear a money belt that contains my passport, my larger bills & my credit/debit cards. if the rest of my stuff is stolen, i can still make it just fine with these items!
    Definitely. About 8 years ago I backpacked throughout Europe and thought I was *too* cool for a money belt. After the Italians ripped me off on the night train to Venice I changed my mind. Great tip!

  4. Some people would put someone else’s info in their kid’s pocket and then run, run, faster, faster!

    If you pack half and half, do you ever find him wearing your clothes?
    LOL. You are in good form today, aren’t you, Judith? ha!! I’d send P to you if I caught him in my clothes and that is a promise!

  5. Those were some really good tips! I like the one about packing half of each person’s stuff in each suitcase.
    I love that one, too. P and I “kinda” do that. But I take up way more than half! lol

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