that is when you need an outlet! And, let me tell you, folks, chatting with you on My Bella Vita is the outlet I have missed the most. The last few months have been a whirlwind, and like most of you I am still trying to recover from the holiday season rush. I returned to Italy just in time for my sweetie’s birthday on the 30th (he won’t let me share the number here with you), a little New Year’s Eve festa with some friends, and a packed house at Il Cedro!

I also returned to 636 inbox messages. Yes! 6-3-6! Insane! For all of you who emailed me or posted messages on the blog…GRAZIE…and, I will write you back soon! With an inbox of 600+ messages, you can see I haven’t neglected My Bella Vita purposefully, but rather my absence was due to my little hole in the woods in Southeast Texas where high speed internet is either 1) inaccessible, or 2) so expensive so as to remain…inaccessible!

I look forward to peeking in on your blog sites and catching up with your latest news. I have thought of you all often, and I hope to see you back here ‘real soon.’

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  1. Antonino Condorelli

    Hey there!!! Welcome back. Hope to see you soon because I can’t waiti to know about your wedding day and your Tx holidays.

  2. Linda

    Cherrye you’ve been missed. Glad all is well and I too can’t wait to hear about your wedding, your B&B, etc.

    Welcome back

  3. Stephanie

    Auguri!!!!! Well, can’t wait to see that beautiful wedding dress…… Hope all went well. Are you glad to be back??

  4. j

    Hi Cherrye! Bella Vita vibes must be in the air. I haven’t checked this site in a while, but I did tonight and here you are. Here’s a big internet welcome hug (hmmmm…just not the same on line).

    The link you gave for festa had 5 definitions. One was orgy, I assume that’s the one you meant?

  5. Cherrye

    Ciao G – Thanks!

    Hey Antonino…I can’t wait to show you the wedding pics, and hear more about ‘Bad Matt’!

    Thank you, Linda! I have a lot of stuff to catch you all up on…I hope you wont be bored.

    Michelle…I got a Tom Tom GPS…I can make it to Badolato by myself now!

    Hey Stephanie! I need to go through my pics and select a couple to post. We had such a great day… 🙂

    J – Thanks for the hug! I felt it all the way over here! And, by the way, what OTHER definition of festa could I have possibly meant?? he he

    Thanks, Judith. I thought of you so often…basically every time I turned to CNN and there was an update on the uh, “issues” in Perugia…did you post anything on that? I’m gonna have to check!

  6. Anonymous

    After the wedding stuff the packed house at Il Cedro probably seems like a vacation! We’ll have to catch up soon, tell Pepe that Missi and I said “Hi”.


  7. Texas Espresso

    welcome back cherrye! We missed you =) looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and fun.


  8. Cherrye

    Hey Rich! How are you? Send me an email so I will have your email address…tell Melissa we said Ciao Bella!

    Boots – Thanks 🙂 My Texas time was relaxing becuase I wasnt “working”…but I somehow managed to stay busy!

    Stacy – Thanks! I am going to check on your updates, too!

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