Put Me in Coach…

Last Saturday marked Opening Day at Kountze Little League, and the recently-progressed-into-the-machine-pitch-leagues, Cole was ready to play!

Now a seasoned member of KLL, and a fresh recruit of the Red Sox team, he knows what he’s doing. He also observed the absence of girls on his team this year, and was none too happy about the change.

I rooted for him from afar the best way I knew how.

I listed to John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” at least 10 times, and wore my LU baseball cap all day. In fact, I thought about it a lot.

Having never been a true-blue baseball fan, per se, the following realization came as quite a surprise.

I miss baseball.

I miss it. A lot.

Growing up with a crew-full of cousins, we shared many a pick-up game after family dinners and on weekends.

I rarely played.

The fact is, I’m not that good. But, I’m not as bad as I think I am, either.

I have spent quite a few of my working days near a baseball field. I’m one of the lucky ones, who has loved every job I’ve ever had, including working for the Athletics Department at Lamar University, and organizing the intramurals for Walt Disney World employees.

I joined a co-ed softball team at Disney one year…The Cellar Dwellers. We won two games, and once the other team was even there! God, that was fun.

I don’t, however, think it is the sport I miss, as much as what it represents. Pull away the layers of scandal, and corporate greed, and you’ve got America. Pure, 100% America.

And, I miss that, too.

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  1. running42k

    We won two games, and once the other team was even there!

    That is funny.

    I would not have thought the ballet is a substitute for baseball. Does cycling not count as a good substitute for tight pants?

  2. Playful Professional

    Guys dancing in tights if not the same as baseball players. They just aren’t the same type of athletes. I used to play softball in high school and haven’t played much since but every time I do, I remember how much I loved it.

  3. Rhea

    My boys have just started baseball season here in Texas with Little League, and I love it! FIrst game was last night…almost two hours sitting on the bleachers…the anxiety when my child is up to bat…it’s great!

  4. j

    Hmmm…I never thought of baseball as sexy. I think I’m learning something here, but I’m not sure what. I would associate ballet with Italy much more than the US. That’s because Italy is sexier.

    Personally, I wrestled (a lot of tight pants there)in high school AND did ten years of modern dance. I never thought anyone I wrestled was sexy, but the women dancers sure were.

    Both of my kids were in little league. It was kind of fun for me, but secretly I always hoped they would lose so they wouldn’t get into the play-offs and I wouldn’t have to drive them around anymore.

    I’m actually trying to encourage my youngest boy in high school to take modern dance because I thought it was so good for me. But I don’t think he has as much courage as I had.

  5. Nadine

    I think many baseball (male) fans might beg to differ about ballet and baseball having that much in common in what they wear, but it made me laugh.

  6. homebody at heart


    Not ballet, though I love it. No, no, no. Definitely no. Not baseball for ballet but baseball for cycling! The Giro D’Italia will be here soon. Men in tight pants. Good looking, men in tight pants as opposed to good looking gay men (sorry, but let’s be real here). Why are the cyclists sooo good looking and come to think of it, the soccer players, too? Tanned and nice hair and how can they look so good after riding a bike for hours is beyond me. Definitely, the Giro. (Let’s see, here are a few Italian cyclists, Alessandro Petacchi, Pippo Pozzato, Ivan Basso and the most flamboyant- Mario Cippolini). There isn’t a baseball player that can compare to those boys. Not by a long shot!

  7. homebody at heart

    P.S. And, we women were just talking about this the other day, all the spitting in baseball. Yechh!

  8. Cherrye

    Yea, I know, right?? I mean I *like* ballet, ok, but…

    Running – other ppl suggested the giro of Italia (the biking tour). I’ll have to look into that!

    Ok, anonym. Point taken!

    It the whole experience, isn’t it, PP? The warm weather, the smell of Spring…ahhhh

    Ha ha, I can see that, Erin!

    Where are you in Texas, Rhea?? Cole had another game on Tuesday night. He got hit in the hands with the ball!! 🙁

    J – I laughed out loud when I read that you secretly hoped they didn’t get in the playoffs. I’m also surprised to hear you were a dancer. I didn’t suspect that!! 🙂

    Nadine – lol. It is funny, I suppose. But they DO wear tight pants!!!

    HH – ha ha…good points. I will look up the bike guys. Also you are right – the soccer players are precious!! Without the tight pants, no doubt!

  9. Rhea

    Cherrye, poor Cole! Cups are required this year to protect their privates because of all those flying balls. :o)

    I’m in north Texas, about 30 miles or so north of Dallas.

  10. Tanya

    Baseball season has started here in Georgia. My 3 boys are playing and I look forward to it probably more than they do. I would be lost without seasons spent at the baseball field and football field!

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