With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, B&B’ing, freelance writing, and learning how to cook, it’s easy for me to feel lost. In this state, we can easily take for granted our loved ones, our family and friends, and even our four-legged pals.

In November, 2006 our community puppette, Sophia, gave birth to six little mostri! Pep immediately fell in love with a little polpetta, and we named him “Meatball.”

Pep and Meatball have a special connection, and no matter how big this meatball gets, he’s never too grown to be held.

Or, hugged …

Or, rocked.

And, yes. Peppe was rocking this pup and, promise you won’t tell anyone? singing him a lullaby!

But, how could you not love this face?

Spending time with Meatball is the ultimate relaxation technique for Peppe. But, what about you? What do you like to do to relax, and how do you unwind after a busy day?

Happy LT, everyone.

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  1. Awww! I’m not a dog person but Meatball is too sweet. Maybe he would get along with my cat Sausage. Hearing her purr on my lap is my relaxation technique.
    In the second picture it looks like Meatball’s whispering “PapΓ , me so sleepy. Sing me a ninna nanna.”

  2. What a darling couple they make! To unwind at the end of the day after the kids are in bed, I usually pass out on my bed and stare at the wall. πŸ™‚

  3. LOL, Linda! Hilarious. And, do you really have a cat named Sausage??

    I know, Michelle, wasn’t he cute then, too?

    Oh, Erin it is so funny. A lot of times now they just call him MEEEET, MEEEET. lol

    Running, I am not sure MB is that smart (shhhh, dont tell P!)

    Thanks, Maryann!

    Oh, Mary, he is sooo sweet.

    Too tired to even close your eyes, Amber? I’ve been there!

    LOL, good one, Robin! Count me in on that one, too!

    Maureen, thanks (for both!)

    Hi, Melody, WELCOME! P is not a HUGE dog lover, but he has always had something for this pup!

  4. Peppe is a cutie…oh, and so is Meatball. I can’t believe he lets you carry him like a baby! My sister does that to her dog too. Our Annie’s too big to carry like that, and I’m not sure she’d let us.

    I love winding down by cuddling up with my big, sweet Annie-pie. Animals take away the stress.

  5. Absolutely adorable pics. Your hubby and your Meatball are both adorable, and I just love how you write about everything in your life. Kudos.

    Michelle aka “midnightbunny”

  6. Giulia

    So far, all the doggies that I know from Calabria look eerily the same… is there some doggie casanova on the lose ’round them parts, or what?!
    Your Meatball looks like Michelle’s Luna, and Stella. I guess,even the dogs in Itay are obsessed with L’amore. πŸ˜‰ LOL
    Happy LT!

  7. He is such a sweet dog, too, Nadine!

    I do, too, Erin. It is sooo cute to watch.

    He has always let P hold him like that, Rhea. I don’t think he’d let me, though. He will sit there like a baby until P puts him down. It is great!

    Thank you, MNB, Michelle. Like my new nickname for you?

    Does he sing in Eng or Ita, Stacy? P mixes them and makes up songs – just for Meatball.

    Ha ha, that is funny, G, but Stella, Luna, and MB are not related. Unless, I guess, MB’s daddy got around!?? BOH! πŸ™‚

  8. Ahhh what a pair of cuties. I so miss having a dog. And I just read your post about eating in America. That was so insensitive and I’d have been mad too. Grrrr. πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks, Jo. Meatball is actually his aunt’s dog, because his aunt kinda stole my old dog, Sophia when I was in Texas! lol But, we are all close neighbors!

    And, yes – she was NOT a nice gal!

  10. j

    Dinner with my family and a glass of wine. I had dogs as a kid, but not as an adult. Kids grow up and go off to college, dogs don’t!

  11. I love that name, Meatball, it’s fantastic! I love that you sing to him too, (we do the same, I’m whispering that so no one can hear).

  12. Louise

    Those are great pics. I think our hubbys may be very alike. Our little Rex has got his heart too. I love watching my hubby with the dog, it is sweet!
    Great dog name by the way, our dog is Rex and nope he isn’t big and hulky, big name-little dog..lol
    Great post!

  13. LOL. Very funny, J. Dinner w/wine has been relaxing for us lately, too. Plus, it is nice “us” time when we aren’t having to do B&B things, writing, etc!

    Amanda, (I won’t tell anyone, ok)!

    Ha, Louise! Rex does sound like a big scary dog. Meatball, on the other hand lives up to his name. He is a big ole weeny!

    Thanks, Shalet!

  14. You are adorable. Thank you for the MNB. I am honored.

    Your website/weblog is always such a joy to visit and catch up with. I feel like I’m there visiting the B and B at times, and I really like how you keep things upbeat and interesting. Even on days when you might think your posts aren’t all that intriguing, believe me, they are. Sometimes just reading about another person’s daily/weekly life, really is all you need to truly appreciate the world around you. Kudos always. πŸ™‚

    Michelle … aka … midnightbunny … aka … MNB!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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