On Days Like These…

these bitter cold, sub-60 degree days, I wish I was anywhere else.
Well, not actually anywhere.
I wouldn’t want to be in Paris where it is 43 frosty degrees today. Or, in Vancouver where they are chilling out to a whopping 31. And, I sure as hell don’t wanna be in Detroit – where they registered a bone-freezing 19 degrees!
I was thinking somewhere along these lines.
Majestic Miami

Serene San Pedro

Or, (in just a few more months) Carina Catanzaro Lido

Want to join me?

5 Responses
  1. j

    Well, I would love to join you and maybe will (if the dollar turns around it will be more likely).

    But, you know, it is in the 20’s here and there is pretty snow coming down. Latter this afternoon I’m going cross country skiing with friends. We’ll take wine and cheese (reggio parmasiano) and bread and hopefully the sun will come out. It will be great. You just have to know how to dress Cherrye.

  2. Nadine

    Oh yes…it was 5 degrees last week here in WA state. I was so grateful I was in Dallas.

    Those pictures look very inviting even if it wasn’t cold.

  3. Louise

    Oh sounds fantastic I’ll be there;)!!
    We had -45C with the windchill here the other week now that is just plain NUTTS!!!!!

  4. Amber

    Today was 60 degrees in Denver. I felt like this fog was lifted from me as we went for a walk and the playground, something we haven’t done in months. I, too am soooooooo over winter’s sub-zero temperatures!!!!

  5. Cherrye

    You are right, J. THAT is my problem. I definitely don’t dress well for the weather. I love scarves, hats, and gloves, but heavy coats make me look fat and wool sweaters are itchy!

    Hope you enjoyed your ski. That does sound kinda fun.

    5 degrees, Nadine? YIKES! I figured you must have been in Texas to go to a rodeo. Then, I read your previous few posts and I knew! Hope you enjoyed my home state!

    -45 windchill is SOOO something I could not manage. Seriously. I would never leave the house. I would have missed that great concert you went to if I had to get out in that!! Oh well, I guess it is another excuse to cuddle!!

    Amber – 60 is Denver sounds nice. I didn’t know it would be that warm in January! Here the biggest problem is the wind. The temps I can handle, but the wind makes everything so much colder!

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