Prepare yourself, folks!

Your dreams will be haunted when the great puppeteer of darkness manifests…

Oh, wait!

Wrong movie.

But – right guy!

Freddi Krueger, or, Robert Englund, if you prefer is directing a movie in our very own region of Calabria starring…ah (are you ready for this) Raul Bova!!!

If I wasn’t already scared of Reggio Calabria because of the overwhelming Mafia presence and the recently added Caribinieri brigades, now they are adding Freddy Krueger!

Mamma Mia! I’ll never see that place.

Ah, but it could be my big break.

What do you think?

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  1. Giulia

    Ok, I have no idea who Raoul Bova is but Robert England is responsible for many-a-nightmares for me as a child, so I definitely know who he is! lol
    You should sneak on the set and take photos for us! 😉 Be our own personal little reporter.

  2. j

    So Cherrye, you say “overwhelming mafia presence.” Are you really aware of the mafia? I mean are you afraid to go out or something?

  3. Cherrye

    Oh, G – You have to check out Raoul Bova. He is the Italian guy that is in Under the Tuscan Sun…the one she meets in Rome. Very cute!!

    J – It should be said that I am a “chicken head.” I am not scared at all to go around Catanzaro, etc. Although, there have been incidents VERY close by that are scary. Are they any different from the violence that happens in American cities? Probably not. I think the fact that the mafia is a new thing to me scares me more.

    Also, the more I learn Italian the more I realize how much mafia-related news there is on television. About a month ago a dad, mother, aunt, uncle, and two kids were killed in a restaurant about an hour from here. It was mafia-related.

    The area around Reggio Calabria (when the “other” American lives) is widely known for the mafia presence. They say people “disappear” from there quite often.

    It is not something that is on my mind on a daily, or even weekly, basis, but if I had to go to Reggio Calabria, I’d think about it.

  4. Antonino Condorelli

    The bridge on the top of Cherrye’s site is the second one more bigest of Europe…
    Cherrye, it sounds like you’re really affraid to go to Reggio Calabria… Yes, there are place where it’s impossible to live, I say that a place like San Luca or Platì are like an Afghan village. Yes it’s terrible. But i think that you’ve to visit this place, to know diversity of this region. When you plan a trip in Africa you will plan it in the South Africaor Kenya, but if you want to see what really is the Black Continent you’ve to visit other countries as Burundi, Congo, tanzania. So If you want to understand the meaning of what surround you I think you’ve to visit other place like San luca, Platì, Ardore etc.. More Over if you want to go to Reggio Calabria, do not hesitate, because it’s cute and there’s the most beautiful mile of Italy… Don’t worry.

  5. Cherrye

    Ciao Calabria – thanks 🙂 When is your next trip “home”?

    Nadine – he is cute. Although I saw a photo yesterday that was a little disappointing…

    Like I said, I really don’t think about the Mafia often, and it isn’t a presence I see daily or weekly – Reggio Calabria is a couple of hours from here (between me and Sicily). Also – I am a chicken!!

    Ha ha..Maryann! That is a big bridge!! It is really nice at night. Like Antonino said it is one of the largest in Europe, and it is the largest stone arch bridge in Europe… I know “stone” “arch” – we are stretching…lol

    Kathy – Ditto!

    Antonino – You are right. I should check it out. I haven’t had the chance to go there, actually, but I def will! I’ll just try to “stay out of the way!” 🙂

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