My Bella Vita to Welcome New Team Member

Yep … that’s right. As I announced in my newsletter this morning, Bella Vita Travel Services and Il Cedro Bed and Breakfast are adding one new member to our travel-loving family. We’re expanding our team … but that’s not all that’s getting bigger.

Just a few days before I left for my summer trip to Texas, my husband and I learned our family-like my waistline-would soon be expanding. In January, we’ll welcome our first child … a little boy … into our hearts.

I’ve had a remarkable experience here in southern Italy and apart from the occasional, ok, frequent, bit of strange and unsolicited advice … like not to be on the computer because it will hurt the baby … everything is progressing well and I have full confidence in the soft-spoken, bear-of-a-doctor we’ve snagged in Catanzaro.

Although I’m prepared-I think-for the hectic days and sleepless nights that await us, I don’t anticipate many changes with either this website or our travel consulting business. My husband and I are blessed to both work from home and with the exception of my far-flung family, I couldn’t envision a better situation for us to be in.

Later today, I’ll unroll a new Family Travel Section here on My Bella Vita. The section will include tips I picked up this summer when my nephew was here, as well as things I learn along the way about traveling in southern Italy with children.

Many of you have been here with us as I struggled to adjust to this new life, as we opened our bed and breakfast and when we tied the knot in Texas and I’m thankful to have you here as we embark on our latest adventure in bella Calabria.

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  1. Wooohoooo congratulations to you and your husband … You kept that quiet .. you don’t have long til baby is here .. take care Anne

    Tell me about it, Anne … eek!

  2. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh, I am so happy for you. Wonderful, wonderful news. yay. yay. Life is good!!!!

    Thank you so much, Diana. We are super excited, too … January will be here before we know it!

  3. Congrats! I bet that will reveal a whole different side to Italy all over again.

    I bet it will, but so far I’ve had a great experience. One of the main things I’ve noticed is that *everyone* has an opinion. I mean, I know we say that back home, too, but here the men (and even a 6 yo boy the other day) have given me advice. Wow, eh?

  4. Ciao Cherrye, CONGRATULAZIONI!!! That’s awesome news… wonderful!
    I will be adding two of my own in just over 4 weeks… nervous and excited, and at the same time thrilled that so many of my friends are going through the same!

    Thank you, V and double auguri to you! I knew it was getting close … four weeks is HERE already. I can’t wait to see pics of them.

  5. AUGURONI!!!! What fantastic news! You son is so blessed to have such wonderful parents! And try not to let all the unsolicited advice get to you – just enjoy these moments because in January it will all change (for the better!!!) As a momma to an almost 2 year old son…the best part of my day is waking up to his sweet little voice calling out to me…Mamma, Mamma. Just wait 🙂

    I can SO see that being the best part … I can’t wait!!!

  6. Auguri!! Since you’re already so close to your due date, I bet the more you start to show, the more advice you’ll get. You’ll have to share. My husband and I have always said we have no desire to have and raise a child in the US, but if we move to Calabria as planned, we wouldn’t rule it out since there’s just something so cute about Italian kids! But I think mother nature will rule it out since I’ll be over 40 before we move there. So excited for you and Pepe.

    BTW, I’ve read your blog for quite some time (esp in 2008-09 as we were planning our Calabrian wedding), but just started a blog of my own this past summer. It’s more focused on running in Texas, but after the results of my race 1.5 weeks ago, our next Calabria trip is in the planning stages for aprile!

    Hi there! So nice to “meet” you – I’ll check out your site.

  7. Bonnie Alaska

    Tanti auguri! Che buona notizia! I can’t wait to visit Italy with our nipotina. We have her first trip planned for May 2012. She will be 3 1/2. Marianna knows many words in italiano already and capisce molto. So very exciting. I am so happy for you and look forward to seeing pictures and hearing of your experiences!

    un abbraccio,

    Thank you, Bonnie! I bet your little one is getting excited about her trip, eh?

  8. Congratulastioin Cherrye!!! I’m so happy for you and your hubby. I can’t wait to hear about all of your new adventures. I’m interested in finding out if your doctor & baby’s pediatrician are as different as mine are. (from what we’re used to in the states)

    Thank you! Finding a pediatrician is next on our list. Gulp!

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