My Little Slugger

Today is Opening Day for Little League Season in K-Town and my little slugger was ready! Oh come on – you know who I am talking about…Baby Cole! Ok, ok, I know he is 6 years old now, and is much too grown to be called “baby,” but I mean it in the most loving way, and well, I just can’t let it go.

As a second-year t-baller, he has the maturity, the discipline, and the skill set not to sit in the outfield and pick daisies. He knows you win some and you lose some. As a recent trade of the Texas Rangers, he is gearing to go in his Colorado Rockies’ Purple and Black. And, he is learning well. A few weeks ago I called home and he asked to talk to me. The conversation went like this.Me: Ciao, Baby Cole, are you ready for t-ball?

BC: Yes, CiCi…I have to ask you something.

Me: Ok, sweetie…what it is?

BC: Can I count on you to buy my candy again this year for the Little League parade?


But how do you say no to this?

I am already sad that I am missing Opening Day this year and disappointed I won’t see him in the parade. Last year we watched him riding through Kountze, tossing candy from his mother-of-all-sized-candy-bags, and waving to his friends and family on the street.


It was a great day. Maybe the Rangers won, maybe they lost – I actually think they tied…but, it doesn’t matter. I can’t go into this year’s “season” with the same enthusiasm as last year. It isn’t because the newness is gone or because I am not there to see it in person. It isn’t the lingering sadness from the recent hit-and-run of Cole’s puppy, Ranger, who was named in honor of his t-ball team.

But, it is about something deeper. And, every time I start to get excited about Cole’s games I am hit with the realization that one mom is missing all of this the second time around. K-Town is short one second baseman, and Cole is doing all of this with one less friend.
It changed my perspective then, and it hasn’t changed back. And, in risk of sounding over-dramatic, Kountze Little League has lost it’s innocence. And, it will never feel the same to me again.
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  1. Louise

    What a cutie…we should get him and my daughter together…heehee!
    I was so sad to read about his little friend. I’ll pray for that family today!!

  2. Cherrye

    Louise – your daughter is a doll…we would be honored. Thank you for your prayers for Coy’s family. Their faith is what has gotten them through.

  3. Cherrye

    Oh sorry – I guess I should clarify! My Little Slugger is actually my nephew…not my biological child, although Peppe and I would take him in an instant if my sister would let us have him! :0 ha ha

    Also – my mom told me today that the Little League folks created a sign in honor of Cole’s friend, Coy, to be placed in the T-ball Field. They unveiled it on Opening Day yesterday.

  4. j

    Cute kid. I have pictures of my kids when they were this old and on ball teams as well and I often wonder where those little guys went (they’re in high school now).

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